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Thread: my dream

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    my dream

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    Iceland is my dream. I like this country. I read a lot of information and watched a video on YouTube about Iceland. I'll be there next year. My dream is to see the Northern lights. My friend told me that it is very beautiful. I want to see the Northern lights with my own eyes.
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    AI's getting smart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jameyboor View Post
    AI's getting smart.
    Very smart.

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    I thought I had it all together
    But I was led astray
    The day you walked away
    You were the clock
    That was ticking in my heart
    Changed my state of mind
    But love’s so hard to find
    Ladies and gentleman, we've got him
    Your feelings change like the weather
    Went from clear to grey
    On that cloudy day
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    Quote Originally Posted by loud21 View Post
    i thought i had it all together
    but i was led astray
    the day you walked away
    you were the clock
    that was ticking in my heart
    changed my state of mind
    but love’s so hard to find
    ladies in gentleman, we've got him
    your feelings change like the weather
    went from clear to grey
    on that cloudy day
    xddd <3333

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    Iceland is a very beautiful country. The nature of Iceland is unique. Completely incompatible things are intertwined in it: cold and warm, calm and unpredictability, fire and ice. The beauty of Icelandic landscapes is unique and unlike the beauty of other countries, even including Scandinavian countries with similar climates.

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    i want to be at pink floyd concert

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    Quote Originally Posted by djshad View Post
    i want to be at pink floyd concert
    You've got all chances to make your dream into reality. In 2020, "The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show" returns to the stage to perform its brand new production. It's in North America.

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    Yeah, it is a dope place



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