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    Trinitycore servers mob hitbox problem

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    ok here i have question for you guys

    when you play on original blizzard server when you agroo more then 1 mele mob and you kite them they follow you in 1 hit box (they run after you all in 1 spot) but when you stop and start fighting mobs they will spred a little they will not stay all in 1 hitbox they move from eachother soo you can see them all

    but on trinitycore they all stay in 1 spot it looks like there is 1 mob but no there is actually 3,4 or more mobs all stack on 1 spot and hiting you this looks realy strange

    this for me is realy important game play function is there any way to fix this ?

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    Of course there is a way to fix this. There has been a discussion about this on a TrinityCore ticket already and some people even suggested some code to handle this but nothing of this has been added yet. However, most of the suggested fixes are broken by now since Treeston, one of the TrinityCore devs has rewritten the chase movement handling entirely but in fact the new ChaseMovementGenerator now supports the required helpers to handle this monster-spreading in a clean fashion. In other words: yes, there is a way to fix this but as usual, do not expect someone to do this all of the sudden.

    There is some discussion in here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/20922

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    hey ty for your reply and all information i just hope one day some 1 will fix this because this in my eyes are bigest game breaker i realy cant stand this npc positions you know

    for example: you pull 5 mele npc in dungeons or raid and then they all stay on each other even if u mark them u cant see all the mark becose they are all in 1 big pack and you cant see all casting bars over npc heads its all 1 big mess if you are tank you want to see clearly each npc if he is casting some special atack or you want to see some special combat animation so you can react on this masssive atack with interrupt or dodge

    i realy hope some 1 will put this fix in trinity




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