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    [Release] Project BalnaZZar 3.3.5a CLUSTERING

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    Some tips before you start reading.
    > If you don't know shit about SQL/C++ or TCP/IP then this is not for you and don't bother asking stupid questions like 'sir pls fix', 'sir this no work' because I will simply not reply back.
    > This 'repack' / 'compile' or however you decide to call it is VERY resource hungry, it requires at least 50mbps internet connection (if you are going to host it on two separate VPS/Dedi servers) as well as 10+ GB of RAM. (1gb per node)
    The package IS NOT SUITABLE for a public server so do not bother doing one from it.
    Some keywords: node = world server; PB - project balnazzar;


    I have started this project in late 2016 as a joke, in the path up to today (2018) I have hit a lot of dead ends but happily, after several sleepless nights and redbulls - everything worked out as I have planned and coded it. I will try to answer some questions as well as giving proper credits/copyright to the GPL code I have used. In that description of how it works, I may be wrong somewhere so feel free to correct me, also keep in mind that I am not a professional developer, this is just a side hobby, I work as a system administrator.

    What is 'Clustering' or 'Load Balancing' in the WoW scene?
    Clustering/LB is a method of sharing the load of a single node where hundreds if not thousand players play in. By having more players there is more and more code that has to be processed and that increases the delay between each operation (iteration). Basically, the WoW Emulator (in this case - PB) runs inside a while() loop, in that loop it performs all the 'events', like map update, spell update, player update and so on... So... by having 'Clustering' or 'Load Balancing' we can have immersive amount of players into the single realm, we can split the server by continents/maps or even zones. Currently, it is split into continents and content:
    - [1] Master node (this is where players initially connect at, from where they get redirected to their zone's node)
    - [2] Continent node (Northrend, Outland, Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms) - when you travel you get moved into these.
    - [3] PvP / PvE node (when you queue for bg or enter a dungeon)
    - [4] Backup node (a node that is specifically designed to be a backup node, if Outland for example crashes - this node will kick in and all the players that were in Outland will be moved in it until the Outland node loads and are back up)
    Also having it split by zones we will have massive uptime - if a single node crashes none of the players in the other nodes will be affected in any way. We can also host it across multiple Countries/servers, for example, both US and EU players can play with equal ping (30-40ms) at the same time.


    So.. let's check what is working now.
    All transitions (node>node) are fully working as well as dynamic world transport (if you travel from Orgrimmar to STV with the zeppelin - you won't fall down because it is now synchronized).
    Chat - the chat is cross-server / cross-node which means that you can whisper/yell/general chat with other players in other nodes.
    Guilds - guilds are cross-server / cross-node as well, you can use the full functionality from wherever you want.

    Currently, the Groups, as well as Instances/Phases, are WIP so that means you won't be able to invite/raid with players from different nodes.


    What else works (wow-wise)?
    All of the 3.0x raids as well as dungeons (naxx, os, voa) work nearly at 100% as my server is going to be progressive.
    Unique anti-cheat that was written from scratch, it will catch ANY cheat/hack, does not matter if it's LUA or EXE... (although I am not sure if I broke the detection with the clustering - we will see)
    Unique pathfinding - by having it split into nodes we can afford more CPU/Memory power into the pathfinding, that means it is nearly 5 times more precise than TrinityCore or AzerothCore, it has lots of additional checks (which use a lot of resources) so it's nearly flawless.

    ...yet more to come...


    So.. how to start this thing?
    It comes with a portable MySQL server if you don't like it just dump the 5 (yes it requires 5) databases into .sqls and import it in your existing. The port is 3333.
    It's very simple, just start the MySQL and launch every node (unless you want specific ones, e.g only durotar +cities, in that case, start worldserver and kalimdor_node).

    Default ingame username is '123123' password is '123123'.
    MySQL credentials are 'root' / no password.

    I have successfully tested it with over 36,000 (yes 36k) online playerbots, they are the same as real players, they just don't use bandwidth but they DO send packets so it's pretty much real.
    Hardware used: 2x HP ProLiant DL160-G6 packing 2x X5660 + 48ram as well as 4 SSDs raid10 with 1GBPS link between them.

    Now.. the most important part, the copyright and the history of the project.
    I wanted to implement/write something like that from years but I did know where to start from so I used a lot of open-source code and I made something unique, a mix of codes which works... surprisingly well.
    For the 'base' part of the clustering the copyright goes to - raczman (https://github.com/raczman/TrinityCore/tree/clowncopter) and GiR team (https://github.com/GiR-Zippo/Strawberry335), without their basic implementations I wouldn't be able to make it this advanced. Also huge thanks to the Firestorm devs (https://github.com/Kittnz/FirestormWoD-1) for their 'interconnect' and queueing, from where I found out how to make a queue system on the main proxy/data server and once the BG/LFG is full - it will control the players and send them to the proper node in a custom group.

    How to download and does it include the source code?
    You can download it from here - https://mega.nz/#!fh4VyA6D!nyvUSfJbK...2VPv_W3_0GL0N4
    And no, it does not include the source code, because I will run my own server on it. Someday, if it fails my expectations I will surely release the source code for everyone so a 'new generation' of private servers may be born.

    this is just a rough template, it will be updated and stylized soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ckabot View Post
    PDB files missing.
    you don't need them

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    why? you don't want crashlogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ckabot View Post
    why? you don't want crashlogs?
    Yes, I do not. Generic log from 'RelWithDebInfo' showing which file is more than enough.

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    oh that's more than enough then.

    here's the source: proxyserver https://www.mediafire.com/file/7h2b7...yserver.c/file
    worldserver: https://www.mediafire.com/file/szf6v...dserver.c/file
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    when i set holidays on in heidi none of the holidays are showing...plus stormwind seen to missing quest,,ty for this game !!!

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    Oh my... autism attack... someone help pls

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkyBulgaria View Post
    Unique anti-cheat that was written from scratch, it will catch ANY cheat/hack, does not matter if it's LUA or EXE...


    How is the anti-cheat unique and written from "scratch"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alistar View Post

    How is the anti-cheat unique and written from "scratch"?
    Only the variables, logs and world conf settings are left from it, nearly every check has been rewritten because it has shitload of false positives as well as limited support, there is no "Freeze Z" check nor anti-climbing, you could climb without issues on thinner edges, there is no 'multijump' check as well.

    Now it is advanced up to:
    [x] SPEED
    [x] FLYING
    [x] SWIM SPEED
    [x] Addon: Teleport back the user to latest safe position if he used cheats.
    [x] Addon: Block completely flying hack.
    [x] NO FALLING
    [x] Freeze z coord
    [x] Faction Hack -gameobject/npc interactions
    [x] WALL CLIMBING WITH "freeze z coord"
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    Please fixed AuthFlooder.exe , not work Firewall or other external progam.

    Open program
    type your account
    Type your pass
    Press enter and create 30 logins per sec, with different ips.

    And your authserver is collapsed, need fixed...

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    sources ???

    Any other sources with cluster ???

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    @JunkyBulgaria Private repo is totally Off...



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