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    Quote Originally Posted by Tok124 View Post
    I spent like 3-4 years looking for a decent funserver but it just doesnt exist anymore, Eventually i decided to try make my own and hire some good staff to work on the server but that was a failed too since i cannot find any good staff. Experience people does not work for free and i dont have the money to pay all my staff members myself. So that would require me to build the server myself and get donations and then hire staff with the money from donations. But my ideas is too big for me to make myself, it would take me many years to complete all of that. So i just decided to give up and leave world of warcraft. But now i started playing retail wow again

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    And well, you dont need to try strong wow. The spells is way too unbalanced and bad staff members. I used to work there as a developer but there was a staff member who breaked every rule in the whole game and the owner didnt do anything about it. I was innactive for 2 days and got kicked out from the team because of that. And i was the developer with the most experience in the team. So well, not really a great server to play. The owner makes too many bad choices and mistakes and doesnt listen to anyones advice and just let his staff keep abusing their power
    There are experienced people that work for free. I guess your server concept just wasn't appealing enough.
    We're working with some of the most talented guys in the modding scene on Prophecy RP and nobody get's a penny for it.

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    You should all go look at Project Ascension!


    Classless WoW, simple setup over 335a (WotLK client MOD), great staff, fun community. Worth a look!

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    I'm not gonna sugar coat anything but I like it so far.

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