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    Congrats to both of Thelordalb, Titan.
    Realm first paladin Thelordalb
    Realm first human Titan

    Prizes are the following:
    One profession boost
    Guild Creation
    Realm First rank
    Title of choice (Depends)

    Good day on Apocalypse.

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    Forums is up and running! http://apocalypse-wow.com/forum/

    Join us and introduce yourself to the community of Apocalypse.

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    Recruiting Staff for the Arena-Tournament I80 and blizzlike realm.


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    Nov 2011
    Best of luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by OMGhixD View Post
    Best of luck
    You too appreciate it ;=)

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    Apocalypse upcoming Arena-Tournament reborn. Join and stay tuned for further notices


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    • Added custom forum icons
    • Added Forums Statistics
    • Added sections and organized them

    Delete site cache to view updates! http://apocalypse-wow.com/forum/index.php

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    Major updates to blizzlike realm, all rates were set to the following.

    • Drop 12x
    • Experience 12x
    • Quest 12x
    • Honor 12x
    • Money 12x
    • Professions 12x

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    We will be accepting players for alpha stage on Arena-Tournament in few days

    If you wish to be one of them join us today and stay tuned for our notices.




    Also we are looking for professional GM's for the upcoming Arena-Tournament if you think you're sufficient for this job apply here.


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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Due to our current population state the changes will take place after restart

    • Horde - Alliance can group, raid and level together.
    • Horde - Alliance can communicate with each other

    This is only for a period of time, can be changed by apocalypse staff at anytime.



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