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    GameMasters, hear our call!

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    If you are reading this, then you made your first small step in the right direction. We have an on going blizzard like server project with multiple expansions that still is in development for quite a while. We will never be exactly like it used to be on retail but our aim is that you'll definitely feel like it is. Our team has been growing rapidly with all kinds of talent but we are seeking to finally complete the team so that we have a better preparation for launch.

    Four open positions

    - Game Master
    - Head Game Master
    - Moderator
    - Testers

    Game Master

    Key Factors

    • Customer orientated
    • Experience
    • Proactive
    • Active


    • Peer
    • Passionate
    • Adaptive

    Head Game Master

    The Head Game Master position will be earned by one of the Game Masters in the near future. This position comes with greater responsibility, therefore a paid position. If a Game Master performs well, he/she will be chosen by the head staff.


    Key Factors

    • Experience
    • Organised
    • Management
    • Active
    • Flexible
    • Be Involved

    We would like to hear more about your experience as a moderator


    Key Factors

    • Patient
    • Active
    • Retail Experience
    • Detail Orientated

    We will be grateful for your effort in testing our server and helping to improve the quality. This position will be compensated in game at launch

    If any of the positions above speaks to you, then send me a pm. There is always more to talk about so do not hesitate.

    Kind Regards,

    WoW Origins
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