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    [Show-off/Announce] The announce of BlizzCMS v2

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Hello and welcome.
    I'm glad to announce you the new version of
    BlizzCMS V2

    This is a CMS coded from ProjectCMS.net and its not finish yet, but we will give you all necessary information in this Thread. The Thread will be updated on any changes to keep you, the users informated.

    The work on BlizzCMS v1 has stopped due personal choices and the team want to build it up new just to make the code more stable, and this is the result.

    First some informations and differents between the versions.

    • Framework - We build BlizzCMS under Uikit in Front-End and Codeigniter as Back-End Framework, we notice that this give us better progress and better development.
    • Code - Build up the Code from Zero, with more structure to give the CMS more Balance and reduce the time the pages needs to load.
    • Modules - Same step from above. We build and integrate all modules new. Not only to get the CMS more stable, we want to bring the suggesions our users into the new Version, so we asking them what they want from the new Version

    Here the list of the actuall progress, we will keep this updated on every change

    * Register { Working } // ReCaptcha implemented
    * Login { Working }

    * ACP { Progress - 10% }
    * Donations { Working - Alpha }
    * Avatars { Progress - N/A }
    * API { Progress - 9% } // RestAPI implemented
    * Bugtracker { Working }
    * Changelogs { Working }
    * DP & VP Credits { Progress - 0% }
    * Forums { Working } // Much changes, you can read below
    * News { Working }
    * Custom Pages { Progress - 0% }
    * Permissions { Working }
    * Permissions - Forums { Working }
    * Shop { Progress - 0% }
    * Tags { Progress - 0% }
    * Users manage(UCP) { Working }
    * Slides { Working }
    * Multirealm { Working }
    * Multiemulator { Working } // More comfortability
    * Vote { Progress - 0% }
    * Armory { Progress - 0% }
    * Theme System { Working }

    Free modules:
    * WoWHead - API { Progress - 0% }
    * ANetwork HUB - Addon Network { Progress - 0% }

    Paid Modules:
    Some modules you will have to pay for.

    * Change Gold to DP { Progress - 0% }

    What did our developers say to our new Forum?

    What have we done to remedy the lack of these features? In V2 we wanted to fix all this, improve it and bring it to the community. First, we have rewritten the way of acting of our forums, the way of storing the data is much more effective and orderly. Not only is sending a post and receiving it in the Database, now all this receives much more information, and everything is working from a single table.

    The design has also received a facelift, following our standards we wanted to capture a responsive design. Although the design is not the only thing we have wanted to improve, since paying attention to your feedback we have added new features, which I will tell you next.
    And we bring RestAPI as an new feature. For those they didnt know something about RestAPI

    In general REST APIs are very useful when we want to interconnect applications of different technologies such as CodeIgniter with Android, IOS … in a supposed case of having a centralized management application with CodeIgniter and the Android application makes queries through the REST API, this would be one of the most common scenarios due to the great reach that mobile applications have today.

    Here is a little Preview of the BlizzCMS v2

    Here you can see the change logs, you are able to make it very structured and easy to use.
    More information in the progress log below.

    We are provide the BlizzCMS with translations, so available languages are:

    * English
    * Spanish
    * Russian
    * Frances
    * German

    BlizzCMS v2 works with these emulators
    TrinityCore (Legion)

    We thanks any users for supporting this project.
    Any credit goes to the great team of the ProjectCMS.net

    More Information

    You are invite to the Discord from ProjectCMS.net
    Enter the Discord Channel <- Click here to enter Channel
    Please be friendly and respect the others.

    My Nickname there is Play-Together#2538


    But please be aware, this repository and issue list belongs to the v1.
    We keep the thread up to date on every change, so you will know it first when the code is ready to release.

    Be patient and keep watching this thread.

    -Progress log-

    Here you can see what changes the progress made, after we announce BlizzCMS v2

    07 Aug 2018
    • -Modules-
      Change the Progress from the Module "Login" from 60% to 100% ( Working)
      Change the Progress from the Module "Register" from 60% to 100% ( Working)
      Change the Progress from the Module "Permissions" from 70% to 100% ( Working)
    • -Additions-
      Add the OTP (Google Authenticator) with the progress of 80%

    08 Aug 2018
    • -Modules-
      Change the Progress from the Module "Forum" from 90% to 100% ( Working ) // it would be necessary to add some extra features to moderate.
    • -Database-
      Alter table "Users" and added two new columns "thread" and "replies"
      Create new table "forums_replies"
    • -Code-
      # Multi Emulator

      Added support for the following emulators and their tables:
      - Arcemu
      - Arkcore
      - Blizzlikecore
      - Mangos
      - Mangosr2
      - MangosZero
      - OregonCore
      - Skyfire
      - Summitemu
      - TrinityTBC
      - TrinityWOTLK
      - TrinityCore (Legion)

      So our devs working hard on the development, we are planning to bringt the first test-release soon.

    10 Aug 2018
    We change the structure of the changelog so there you are able to structure your changelog for your user better.
    You can pick the single classes or Npcs by creating a changelog but this only for example.
    You can see it it the pictures above.

    22 Aug 2018
    Working on the forum module.
    Implement a feature that shows last threads posted by staff.

    03 Oct 2018
    Excuses for the last mounth without any updates here, the team keep up the work, but due the release of battle for azeroth we invest more time in other things.
    I wasnt able to update this thread, cause private reasons. But the code is free and we only work in our free time on it. So we please you to stay patient

    • -Modules-
      Change the Progress from the Module "ACP" from N/A to 5% ( in progress )
      Change the Progress from the Module "User manage" from 0% to 60% ( in progress )
    • -Languages-
      Spanisch ( in progress )
      English ( in progress )
      German ( in progress )
    • -Announces-

      Join the alpha and start reporting errors

      What is required to join the alpha?

      - A server with what is necessary for any web.
      - Install the composer.
      - The creation of the database.php and blizzcms.php files

      More Informations in our Discord channel, join us.

    06 Oct 2018
    We implement PayPal and Coinpayments as Paymethod
    Here just a small preview.

    07 Oct 2018
    • -Modules-
      Change the Progress from the Module "UCP" from 60% to 100% ( Working )
      Change the Progress from the Module "News" from 90% to 100% ( Working )

    22 Oct 2018
    • -Modules-
      Change the Progress from the Module "Donations" from 15% to 100% ( Working - Alpha )

    11 Nov 2018
    • -Modules-
      Implement Permissions into Forums and finisch it from 0% to 100% (Working)
      The forums work perfectly with the ACP, but you are working on a less difficult permissions system for the forums.
    • -Additional-
      Currently we are fixing all the reported failures. And that currently, we are fixing all the reported failures. Due to that, the development has been delayed.

    Your ProjectCMS.net Team
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    and again a project that never gets done People Please make the old projects ready

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    As already mentioned in the thread, if they make the old version that way they want to, it needs longer as build it up new.
    May we don't talk from a new project. We only talk about a new version.
    It's normal to make a new version, to realise the goals better and with a faster progress.

    I gonna understand you if we are saying okay, we stop working on the blizzcms and start working on an own emulator. But we don't do it, so I can't agree.

    But nethertheless, thanks for your feedback.

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    I mean:
    Many people have tried to write websites for Bnet and none has finished properly

    I would be very happy if your project really works well

    Edit: In this sense, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
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    Looks awesome, keep up with good work.

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    I wish you much success!

    Please also fix a Vote Shop because this does not work in the first version.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I give it to the team

    In the situation with the vote shop on V1 too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kukata View Post
    Discord channel ?
    Discord --> https://discord.gg/V2382g7

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    But its already mentioned in the Thread

    I make it just a little more bigger, that users can see it better

    Please be patient. We worked on the site of Projectcms to make better performance for BlizzCMS V2.

    The progress on V2 will go on soon
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