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    This looks very interesting. I am also still wondering what other people asked as well - Why don't you make PRs to the legacy trinitycore repo rather than working on your own? especially since you said you follow the same coding standards
    The answer is pretty simple: I actually have push access to the official 434 repository. The reason is because sometimes I tend to push things that are work in progress or sometimes I scatter changes over multiple commits. On top of that there are some people involved in that repository that just push things and don't really know what they are actually doing. While I keep an eye on the commits and pick whatever seems to be correct and useful in my eyes.
    However, from time to time my changes also find their way into trinity's core (even 335 from time to time) such as my recent Kael'thas rewrite for Magister's Terrace which was a side project that just happened after I just wanted to fix a bug but instead I rewrote it because the code was garbage.

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    Did you shutdown your 4.3.4 repo? I notice its gone

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    oh no . i just want to join this project.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    It's gone. Simple as that. After I was receiving multiple messages about that I was pretty much right about the amount of people that were just leeching and not contributing at all. This isn't a one-way-track so I decided to take it down, especially since also discovered that a very certain person started to use my very own fixes in his shitty paid repack.



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