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    Compiling own TC server, delete repack?

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    Hello guys,

    Since i'm totally new to this there is something I don't understand quite fully yet. On advice by other members and alot of guides, compiling your own TC server comes with alot of benefits.

    Here is my question:

    I've been working somewhat on my repack server but want to start to work with TC source. Does this mean that I have to start completely over and delete my repack or can I keep it? Do I have to copy something from the DB over to a new server?

    This picture isn't really clear to me and I can't really find the awnser to this specific question.

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    It's up to you if you want to keep your repack or even make a backup if you want.

    You can copy npc's, items, etc, from your old database to your new one, but depending on how old your current (repack) database is, you would encounter issues. Because trinitycore developers are always changing or adding column names, tables and so on.

    You can take a look at both, your old db and your new db, to see what columns have been changed or added or removed and based on that you can try to make it possible by exporting your work to the new db. It would be somewhat a pain in the ass, but it is possible. I've done something like that in the past, using n++.
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    And the answer is ... maybe.

    Basically this all depends on what you've changed, how up to date the repack you are currently using is and if the repack is using the same core as what you want to use.

    The three main cores are Trinity, MaNGOS and AscentEMU. Trinity is the most popular core used for WotLK and Legion, while MaNGOS is mainly used for the other expansions (Trinity doesn't have support for those expansions). Trinity started as a fork from MaNGOS and so you can still see some commonality between them. cMaNGOS is another offshoot of MaNGOS though much more recent so the compatibility between them is much higher as it simply hasn't had time to diverge much. AscentEMU was written (or re-written) basically from scratch and uses a completely different database structure as well. Ascent isn't used much anymore as development of that core has either stopped or is so slow that it may as well be stopped.

    Now since you are starting from a repack, you likely don't have any source code changes so it will all be database edits. So first, make a backup of at least the changes you did, then check if the tables affected are still similar to the new structure. The structure doesn't change all that often, but it does happen. If the tables are different, you may need to manually merge your changes into the new database.

    Further, check what features the repack has added and try to find code patches to add the same to your source (if you still want those features). These can add database changes as well so keep that in mind. Custom changes that are only available on that repack may not have any source code patches available so some features may require you to re-implement them yourself.

    To get back to your question, do you need to delete the old repack and redo it all? There isn't really enough information to properly answer that question. Further, depending on what you are starting from and what you are trying to get to, it might be easier to redo everything or it may be easier to merge your changes and much of that depends on how much work is required and how much you are willing want to do.

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    Not sure how to check dates but most files are dated 2017>. Anyway, I think I will just make a new fresh start for the peace of mind. Thank you once again Mindsear.

    - - - Updated - - -

    AC-Web Repack V-0.8 64bit. Trinitycore.

    - The amount of DB changes I made is not that much so i'll just start over. Also was I planning on using the same core. In the future i'm not sure to have a private server with multiple expansions on different realms or just implement other content from newer expansions, but that's an issue for later on I guess.

    - No source code changes, only DB edits indeed.

    - Not sure where to find those feature patches.

    - I will just redo everything so that I don't get into trouble later on.

    Another question.. Is this do-able from scratch? Repacks are beginner friendly but I don't know what i'm getting into compiling own source, script writing, programming, etc. I'll have to learn everything and do it on my own probaly before I can get any team set up. How long will this (roughly) take me?
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    Well The AC-Web Ultimate repack is basically just a default Trinity server with the Eluna engine added to it. You can find it here: https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna. You can also get a full Trinity source with the Eluna engine already installed from that page as well (scroll down that page a bit to find links to it).

    As to how long it will take you? Well if you aren't a programmer then you'll have a lot of learning to do.



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