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    [SHOWOFF] Custom spells 2

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    hey ac-web,

    So recently i have been busy making custom spells etc and so far i've managed to make these following spells:

    - Shadow beam shadow damage
    - Touch of the grave shadow damage
    - Bright Holy Light healing
    - Burning soul Buff increasing all damage and healing caused by 20%
    - Sonic bolt Arcane damage + knock down (1 Sec)
    - Spider web Hunter trap: places player into a spider web
    - Dark Glare: pain Dot with shadow damage over time
    - Skull vortex Vortex of skulls shadow damage
    - Frozen soul Buff all damage and hast increased by 20% (Not really happy with visual so far so might change)

    - Holy bolt Holy damage and slowing target movement speed by 50%
    - Poisonous stab Poison damage over time (DOT)
    - Holyform buff healing effect increased by 30% and melee damage taken reduced by 20%
    - Healing wave Just a new shaman spell nature healing.
    - Nature bomb knockback
    - Death blast instant spell made for melee
    - Harpoon throw Throwing a harpoon and silence the cast for 3 seconds made for melee


    Sorry for no audio trying to fix that. or just put your own music on

    Damage should indeed change but since lack of time i did not had the time to fix this.

    lemme know what you guys think or have any idea's.

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    Why did you make another thread for this

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    the non capitalization of the proper nouns that are the spells triggers me

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    Use the bfa/legion/wod/mop spell animations



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