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    Warden Memory Checks

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/alupoclwus...hecks.rtf?dl=0 I try to do of this manual, but i can not find any differents... please give me offsets of speed hack and flyhack

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    Link to hack and what wow version, please.

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    The same issue.
    wow 2.4.3 - client and server version
    wowemuhacker v5.0.5.4 Final - hack version (the same for cheat engine)

    after winmerge compare I have only several differents: almost all of them are about of time ollydbg was run. But cheat was attached to process id.
    for example:
    ; ASCII "00:31" - normal
    ; ASCII "00:34" - with hack
    and only 26 diffs at all. But from manual screens there should be more than 600 diffs.

    Could someone help to debug the issue?



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