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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Quote Originally Posted by irgc View Post
    i love!

    Krizttian! I have a question!

    You can add on web project " player top achiwments module!?
    I can, for more information please join to my discord https://discord.gg/WGGGVgX is more easy that use a forum for the communication.
    Thanks for use my project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jyrixx View Post
    I have installed and anyone links down

    Not Found
    The requested URL /pvp was not found on this server.
    Operative system?, please use my discord for support. thanks https://discord.gg/WGGGVgX

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    In your computer
    Your project is : AWESOME !
    Just : thank you

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    realy nice it work´s fine and looks good

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    New system chat realtime & navbar tools for developers

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    I am astounded by these people. The supporting is amazing! They fixed every issue, that i had. On the other hand, this CMS is not heavy, loads very fast, supports most of the necessary features and I recommends it!
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    Dear users,

    Thank you all for continuing to trust BlizzCMS, these days we wanted to focus on knowing what people think of us and the future of CMS.

    We are aware that we have spent a period of inactivity, both internal and external, we have not been able to support from our Discord channels, but this has not stopped the desire we have to move forward with our project.

    In this weekly change log that should have been published yesterday, we wanted to capture the work done these days. We will also show photos of the improved view of BlizzCMS Legacy, we continue to work for you and to provide you with a service.


    Below is a list of changes that are already under development and that will gradually be released to the public.


    Add Plugins System
    Add Integration TWIG to the design.
    Update The design of the CMS has been updated.
    Update Admin Panel design.
    Fixed Fixed #376 Vote system (https://gitlab.com/BlizzCMS/BlizzCMS/issues/376)
    Fixed Fixed #396 (https://gitlab.com/BlizzCMS/BlizzCMS/issues/396)
    Removed Old code that did not already have functions.

    1.5 Plugins Branch

    Add Hello World Plugin example
    Update Plugin CI3, only Support new Fuctions in plugins (Not views)

    New URL's

    Website --> http://projectcms.net
    Demo Site --> http://blizzcms.projectcms.net
    Docs --> Comming soon

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Hello! Put my problem here too, maybe it happened to someone else: after finishing the installation happens a strange thing, I try to log on the site with the default admin account but though I put the right data - I also tried with a non-admin account - nothing happens (no errors or warnings, nothing happens simply). Instead, if I try to put an account that doesn't exist, he says I logged in successfully (but obviously it's not)! Accept advice!

    *on cMangos, tbc.



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