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    Crypt WoW - Progressive Vanilla on 3.3.5 | BETA DETAILS

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    Hello everyone. The time has come to announce the BETA/PTR for the upcoming 3.3.5 server – Crypt WoW.

    • What is Crypt WoW? Crypt WoW is an upcoming WotLK server emulating Vanilla on a 3.3.5 client. Once Vanilla is fully progressed, we're moving onto TBC and then WotLK. Most of the content will be progressively released, as it was in Vanilla. It is Vanilla content, but you'll have an ability to level with RDF & BGs as well.

    • Realm Details: 3x PvP. There's a possibility of us changing the XP rate, if there is enough demand. However, it will always be kept as PvP. Content will be progressively released (mostly as it was in Vanilla). All 51 talents are available to use and will allow a different experience in both PvP and PvE. It will make all classes & specs viable, but it will require some tuning over time.

    • Why play on our server? – It's Vanilla in Wrath, with a twist. You get all the content from the 3 (arguably) best installments of the game. It's a drama-free server with a nice community. It will also have certain custom features and tweaks to help balance and improve your experience. (read below)

    • Custom Features – There are no custom items added, but there might be custom features added over time. We plan to add:

    - heroic difficulty to certain maxlevel dungeons, which will drop loot slightly better than the normal version. The goal isn't just to add extra content, but to add more difficulty and an incentive to run these dungeons. RDF is enabled, but HC dungeons won't be added to RDF.

    - 10/25 raid-sizes: Raids which were 40man in Vanilla, will be set to 25man. Raids which were 20man in Vanilla, will be set to 10man.

    - Unobtainable items: ''Talisman of the Binding Shard'' – the legendary necklace, will be obtainable – either to only 1 player or to everyone (with a really low drop chance). We are also planning to add a really difficult and long questchain for the Ashbringer and similar items. (up for debate)

    - An increase to diffciulty: NPCs, elites and quests will be set to their Vanilla values in order to provide a slightly more challenging leveling experience. The raids will be scaled to match the damage output of Wrath 60s. Normal/HC dungeons will be a lot more difficult and will require a bit more coordination.

    Most of the things will still be kept blizzlike. The custom changes are there to improve the experience and add extra things 'to do'. We're always open for more suggestions.

    • Team Recruitment: We're still in a need of more developers & a picture/video editor. These positions aren't paid as we're doing this for the love of the game, not as a job.

    • Discord Server:
    https://discord.gg/bhw58B7 < Make sure to join for more information and if you have any questions, tips or suggestions.

    • More server info: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/...erver_vanilla/

    • Beta Details: Experience rate will be set to 5x. There will be a period during the beta where you can get instant 60 to help test the end-game content. All the characters during the beta will be wiped before the full release, but we appreciate all the help we can get during it. Beta contributors will be rewarded.

    SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE: http://www.crypt-wow.com/

    JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/bhw58B7)
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    Bump, BETA in 2 days!

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    Bump, release in a few weeks.

    New domain: http://www.crypt-wow.com/

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    In open beta. Need people to test the end-game content, instant 60! Join us!


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    Release soon!



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