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    no this is core not support

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    Anyone know why mega is limited? i want unlimited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverbolttt View Post
    My bizarre issue of never being able to log back into the server after my computer has been restarted is still present. If I want to play the server files have to be fully deleted, and the repack unzipped again, which becomes a real pain. The game client never has to be tampered with and works fine with the newly unzipped server files until I shut down for the night or restart. My issue is always with the server side of things. I have found no others with this problem and there is no easy found fix.
    I had this similar problem only I was exporting chars from LK 3.3.5 to this repack. The way I fixed the problem was making sure I saved the server in the "Character save manager" before I shut down server. Also leaving the server run for a while after you finish so Auto save can kick in.

    I hope this may help you.

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    Should the Durotar/Orgrimmar NPCs move? Mine all just stand still.

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    Conan Where are you??? in what project you are working now??

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    Is there any possibility to download server from some normal resource, not from Mega?
    Please share the link.
    Thanks in advance)

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    nice job on the past repacks, greatly enjoying vanilla and TBC. however when i try this one, the servers work (as far as i can tell), but when i open the client (the minimal from the link), i get the dreaded CAS error (even with the files you provided). any suggestions?

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    Suggestion 1: Try to go to your WoW folder ( Your legion WoW folder 7.3.5 ) inside of that folder there will be a another folder called " Data " try to right click it and tick the " Read Only " and save.

    Suggestion 2: If Read Only not working as in it keeps on reverting back to Not Read Only. I might suggest you download a straight up WoW Legion Folder specifically with the patch 7.3.5----> https://wowmortal.com/download.php

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    This feels like cubeworld where im just hoping to check up and see an update!

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    Is this project dead?

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    Using offline patch + patched exe still try to download stuff from bizz

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    hello conan im huge fan i have troubles entering on my private server could u help me pls..???TY

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    Registered members see less ads
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    Even if there is currently no active developement, thanks for putting your time into all this



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