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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverbolttt View Post
    My bizarre issue of never being able to log back into the server after my computer has been restarted is still present. If I want to play the server files have to be fully deleted, and the repack unzipped again, which becomes a real pain. The game client never has to be tampered with and works fine with the newly unzipped server files until I shut down for the night or restart. My issue is always with the server side of things. I have found no others with this problem and there is no easy found fix.
    I had this similar problem only I was exporting chars from LK 3.3.5 to this repack. The way I fixed the problem was making sure I saved the server in the "Character save manager" before I shut down server. Also leaving the server run for a while after you finish so Auto save can kick in.

    I hope this may help you.

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    Should the Durotar/Orgrimmar NPCs move? Mine all just stand still.

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    Conan Where are you??? in what project you are working now??

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    Is there any possibility to download server from some normal resource, not from Mega?
    Please share the link.
    Thanks in advance)

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    nice job on the past repacks, greatly enjoying vanilla and TBC. however when i try this one, the servers work (as far as i can tell), but when i open the client (the minimal from the link), i get the dreaded CAS error (even with the files you provided). any suggestions?

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    This feels like cubeworld where im just hoping to check up and see an update!

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    Using offline patch + patched exe still try to download stuff from bizz

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    hello conan im huge fan i have troubles entering on my private server could u help me pls..???TY

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    Even if there is currently no active developement, thanks for putting your time into all this

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    i ve installed bestcore, and i still get updates from time to time. last update i get week ago...

    some quests need just to replace wrong npcs, but some npcs i cant add, although they r in creature template.

    anyway, it s very good repack. thnx for your work
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    I would like there to be a script for showing the planet in the sky before you clear the last dungeon like how it was before the last legion version of the game, where it never shows

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    Hello guys, Im looking for the best legion repack and I found this. It seens to have. Alot of excellent features like vas autobalance and auto updates but can you tell me if they works?

    Also how much legion is playable at the moment? Ive never played legion repack and I dont know what to expect? Is it dungeons and raids working well? And what about high level zones? Spells talents etc?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks a lot man! Good job.



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