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    Semi-Experienced Game Master/Developer

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    Hello there! Thanks for tuning into my thread.

    As it says in the header, I am a semi-experienced Game Master and Developer, having worked on four servers, and currently working on Developing on one, but it appears to be going downhill.

    The following list is the servers I have associated myself with, and the reasons I stopped working for them, as well as the approximate span of time:

    AdeXWoW (6 months) Reason for leaving: Shut down
    Firestorm: (8 months) Reason for leaving: Merge/Timing issues
    CodexGaming (2 months) Reason for leaving: Shut down
    CodexGaming (Currently developing) (They shut down and came back under different ownership.)

    The core I am most familiar with when it comes to developing is Trinitycore, and I qualify as an SQL Developer, though I still have some things to learn... like Smart AI.

    Regardless as to whether or not someone may want me as a Developer or a Game Master matters not, I would still be happy to be a member of the team, so long as everyone is working to make progress on the server. I strive to see a server expand and become something great - to see it thrive.

    How old am I? I am 20 years old.

    Gender? Female.

    Fluent languages? English and Spanish.

    Available times to work? The only days I'm not available is Tuesday and Thursday, when I work from 10AM to 5PM EST. Otherwise, I'm available at any point.

    Why do I think I'd make a good Game Master, you say? What can I bring to the table? Well, I can promise you that no one coming into the server will feel like they don't belong, and I can answer just about any question and handle tickets in a split second. I do whatever it takes, in half the time than most, to get the job done. I am confident in my capabilities. I can do whatever someone may need without hesitation. I am also aware of commands, as well as basic rules and regulations of a server.

    Why do I think I'd make a good Developer? I've realized something over the last year (or slightly more) I've been developing. It takes communication, understanding, and a lot of love to create something wonderful - a server for all to enjoy. I reach to the limit and beyond to find bugs, glitches, or anything that is out of place within the game, and fix it before it becomes too noticeable. Whether it be something tiny, or game-breaking. I am also always open to constructive criticism, and I am always able to help someone else with their project if it's just too much work. As I stated earlier, I still am learning Smart AI, so that may be an area where I need some assistance.

    As you can see, I am always open to anything, as I am very open-minded.

    Feel free to contact me or reply to this thread with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding what was NOT covered here.

    Discord: Envy#1450
    Email: xForTheWarcraftx@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 414-877-0925

    Thank you for reading!

    Kind Regards,
    (Or that's what most call me, anyway.)
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