In order to get the fastest most possible response in the support thread please post your issues in the following format. If you don't follow this format other members of the community won't be able to assist you, since they won't have enough information about the issue you are dealing with.

  1. Name (and if possible revision) of the source you are working with:
  2. The issue which is appearing, and how to reproduce it:
  3. If your server is crashing, post a crash log.

How To Generate A Proper Crash Log:
In order to generate a proper/readable crash log, you will have to compile your source in either Debug Mode or RelWithDebug mode. Log into your server and simulate the crash again. Then locate a folder named "Crashes" which is located inside your core folder where the executables are(worldserver.exe, etc), find the latest .txt file and upload it to pastebin or another text sharing website and include the link with your support thread.

Example Post.


- Trinitycore (Latest Revision)

The Issue:

- Server crashes whenever a player logs in. I think it's because I recently added a script containing an OnLogin hook to my source.

Crash Log: