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    **WoWGasm Reloaded is looking for Development**

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    WoWGasm Reloaded is currently NOT looking for an additional developer!

    While WoWGasm Reloaded has a healthy growth in players and development. We're looking for an additional developer to assist us with bug reports.

    What we are looking for:
    Someone who is proactive in picking up bugs and thinking of ways to fix them. Followed by executing this in a creative way such as core development, SQL edits and/or Lua fixes.

    • Core development experience (such as trinitycore, sunwell/azeroth, mangos)
    • SQL/C++ experience
    • Being proactive
    • Being communicative
    • Being a teamplayer

    • Lua experience (eluna)
    • Playing with us *read more below

    *Playing with us:
    While we do not expect a developer to play along players, we do very much appreciate it.
    Reason being: motivation and self observation.

    Working like this has so far delivered great results on development. Where an once broken Naxxramas works almost 100% flawless now. An once broken ulduar is very functional, and an once broken ToC / ToTC is now very functional. Not to forget many questlines are now working flawless after experiencing issues with them.

    To avoid burning out our current developers we're looking for extra assistance to make sure our players get the best experience we can offer.

    Paid work:
    While we are more willing to pay for work; We are not going to pay on weekly/monthly base. We pay based on results. Even for individual bugfixes.

    Are you still training and looking for a place to start increasing your development skills. Do you already have some basic skills in programming? Let us know, perhaps we can help each other.

    Contact me:
    You can contact me through PM <-Click to send PM!
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    Very nice team to work with, will keep this in mind for sure!
    They are very nice in the discord and are really good with helping other people! Please join them! They will appreciate it!
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    Good luck with your project.

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    Good luck! - if u need a map or things like this feel u free to contact me in skype for a fast reaction.

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    Bump to move topic back up. Still looking!

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    Good luck finding another dev! If someone deserves it, it's you guys!

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    Bump! Still looking.

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    bumping this again!

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    Really hope to see another developer join this project, wish I had the know how to help.

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    Daayum, still looking? Hire me already! ;
    I promise i wont break it! (maybe)



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