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    Hello all,

    After spending 10 years or so largely involved in the server world, playing many realms and also being involved in known projects, I have decided to take a more financial role within the industry.

    I have already purchased a dedicated server capable of housing a strong starter player base and have a large amount of experience in the marketing sector to help get the realms name out there.

    My current occupation is in the financial sector where I run a small company on the stock market. This means whilst my weekly availability will be 6 days a week 9-5pm, I will be concentrating on my primary company whilst staying in close contact with my team trusting them to run my secondary one for me.

    I am in search for candidates for the following positions:

    - Administrator x 2
    - Lead Core Developer x 1
    - Core Developer x 1
    - Web Developer x 1 / 2
    - Gamemaster x 3
    - Head Gamemaster x 1

    Optional Roles:

    - Potential forum moderator positions
    - SQL developer

    In short, I am after an entire team that I can financially sponsor to run this secondary business. I have a large quantity of experience in this area, so I can get the realm up and running quickly and at ease and also maintain / manage the relevant permissions to make sure you have all the access you need to treat the project as your own.

    Payment Details - All the financial of maintaining the realm will be covered by myself. Members of the staff team will receive fixed percentages of any revenue obtained during the project. This will scale according to their role that they have fulfilled. Being a paid position, we expect a professional attitude and overall agenda; however as there will be no immediate payment, leniency can be made for other commitments such as work, family and other main life matters.

    If you would like to apply, then it would be good to speak with you.

    Please send a brief introduction to myself outlining your incentives and ideas for your role, and any experience that you may have.

    Please send your emails to StockBible@outlook.com, upon receiving your email, you will be expected to book in a skype call with myself in the near future so that we can press on the matter and start structuring the future ahead.

    I will be monitoring this thread daily from this moment onwards, so please feel free to drop a comment below. Related or not, every bump helps!

    Thanks in advance guys, look forward to speaking with you

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    good luck

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    Heya, hit me up at nullwriter.com

    I've been in the business (server) almost 10 years now, and over 4 years of professional experience as a developer.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    words can't express my feelings......



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