My friend and I are planning on releasing a new TBC or Cataclysm private server, we are looking for a scripter or two to colaborate with.

We don't know much about scripting and what WoW scripting involves. This is the reason why we need the help of other people that are experienced. We have the resources and the money that it takes to develop a WoW private server.

What we are striving for:

  1. On this server we won't make GEAR acquirable from the Vote Shop or Donation Shop, only VANITY items or TCG items.
  2. XP rates will be customizable from 1x to 5x. The reason for this is because we want to focus on end-game content.
  3. We want to offer blizzlike end-content to our players, this includes: Raids, Dungeons, PvP, Quests, Achievements.
  4. The realm will be directly released on patch 2.4.3 and/or 4.3.4, depending on which expansion we want to create.

If you are interested in colaborating with us, contact: