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    Poor WiFi connection

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    Are the some ways of WiFi connection improvement? Maybe some setting or mods to router? I would appreciate any input and experiences from you

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    Move your router to a more convenient part of your house or use a WiFi extender. Preferably the former, otherwise just replace your router with one that offers a stronger signal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrum View Post
    otherwise just replace your router with one that offers a stronger signal.

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    every router and receiver has a antenna that broadcasts a redial signal that means
    a big circle of signal.

    the best way to fix that kind of problem is to focus the router with a tinfoil back plate
    and a backing plate for the receiver antenna.

    just throw a huge tinfoil sqaure on the antennas and tape it or insert it
    and focus it a bit towards basically the best area.

    you you want to get more creative you can make parabolic round back
    plates and place the antenna in the middle.

    the parabolic type is best for the receiver since it amplifies the incoming signal.


    put the wifi stick antennas through the middle of a big pot lid and i guarantee it will pick up
    alot of sht.


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    Hello! Also, you can use the Wi-Fi booster or extender if your router is not good for your house. I can recommend you to take a look at those products from https://www.which2buy.co.uk/wi-fi-boosters for example. I have one of such things at home and it allows me to use one router in a 3-floor building. The signal is great and the network quality os really good too. Maybe you will find it useful for your purposes too. Let me know how it goes. Maybe you will have some more tips here or elsewhere. Good luck with it
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    There is an app for Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...r.wifianalyzer which will allow you to scan and analyze your WiFi connection and find some ways to improve the network and get better speeds and more stable connection. I hope that it will be helpful for you
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    All of these comments are useless.

    First off, you gave no detail to your "lack of performance" problem. This could be just your internet capability and without knowing there's nothing more to be discussed.

    If it's a signal issue, assuming you have a large house/apartment, you can install an additional router closer to your workstation and use it as an access point or hard line into it. Boosters and extenders only dilute your signal. If that's not good enough for you then run a line from your modem to your machine.

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    tree i need your help can you msg me plz?

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    Here's some things you can try to improve your WiFi connection:
    -Move the router to the same room as your machine / phone or the other way around, whatever is the easiest for you.
    -Do not put anything in the way between the router and your machine / phone.
    -Switch to 5GHz is possible to improve the speed and to avoid interference with microwaves, baby monitors and other stuff that interfere with the 2.4GHz band.

    If that dosen't help, try run a internet cable as good as possible to your machine. If you're using a phone, well you're kinda out of luck on the cable section.

    That's all the tips I can give you. Hope it helps.



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