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    Question logout on battleground get to out!

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    hi guys

    iwant if player on battleground logout and disconect became!

    Remove the map battleground entirely! player full out of battleground maps!

    What should I do to do this?

    ineed please if u can help me!
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    Can you try explaining more in details?

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    I want to be kicked out of the battleground maps when the players if logout and disconect ... on just battleground!

    Do not stay in Bg! logout + altf_4 and disconnects on bg maps = player kicked fast get out of battleground maps!
    if logout and dis... on battlegrounds.

    Can anyone help me?
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    As long as i remember when you logout you leave the group. Make a checker to see if player is in group or not and if its in batteground map, if its not in group then make him go to dalaran or so

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    void Battleground::EventPlayerLoggedOut(Player* player)
        ObjectGuid type = player->GetGUID();
        if (!IsPlayerInBattleground(type))  // ignore GMs
        m_Players[guid].OfflineRemoveTime = sWorld->GetGameTime() + MAX_OFFLINE_TIME;
        if (GetStatus() == STATUS_IN_PROGRESS)
            RemovePlayer(player, guid, GetPlayerTeam(guid));

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    error on build

    Trinitycore/src/common/Logging/Log.h:186:5: note: in expansion of macro ‘TC_LOG_MESSAGE_BODY’
    /home/Source/src/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp:712:17: note: in expansion of macro TC_LOG_ERROR’
    TC_LOG_ERROR("bg.battleground", "BattleGround:RewardReputationT
    Trinitycore/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp: In member function ‘void Battleground::EventPlayerLoggedOut(Player*)’:
    Trinitycore/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp:1170:15: error: ‘guid’ was not declared in this scope
    m_Players[guid].OfflineRemoveTime = sWorld->GetGameTime() + MAX_OFFLINE_TIM
    Trinitycore/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp:1170:49: error: ‘class World’ has no member named ‘GetGameTime’
    m_Players[guid].OfflineRemoveTime = sWorld->GetGameTime() + MAX_OFFLINE_TIM
    Trinitycore/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp: At global scope:
    Trinitycore/server/game/Battlegrounds/Battleground.cpp:1177:1: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘{’ token
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