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    bugged dk quest How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies when i kill the mob it talks then gets swarmed by other mobs that comes through walls and doesnt complete ,

    i got it working by killing off the aggro mobs but i was lucky i was in an area without too many mobs , the dk starting zone is very buggy
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    Tell me please, is it possible to make friends with the assembly of Jeutie and Ike3 PlayerBots? And if you can describe how?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Bump and is getting close to a special date eh eh
    Big Hugs to all

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    Does anyone have a link to Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack?
    mine got damaged with a hard drive crash.
    thanks in advance

    Nevermind, I got one to work.
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    i have a new bug, i recently setup the server on my new laptop and ran it fine, but when i attack mobs the mobs always keep missing when attacking my character, can anyone help with this?

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    Is it possible to play the Zombie/Scourge Invasion event? because in the original post it said "Almost all worlds event available"
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    Trying to set up a private server for just a few friends and I to toy with..

    having a problem when I try to start up the world server, it starts and stops immediately, I have all the paths set up correctly as far as I know, and I've installed everything according to the provided instructions.. is this repack still working?

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    Please post your Server.log file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyLilSuccy View Post
    Please post your Server.log file.
    I was able to get it working finally.

    Just needed to toy around with it a little further.



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