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    bugged dk quest How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies when i kill the mob it talks then gets swarmed by other mobs that comes through walls and doesnt complete ,

    i got it working by killing off the aggro mobs but i was lucky i was in an area without too many mobs , the dk starting zone is very buggy
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    Tell me please, is it possible to make friends with the assembly of Jeutie and Ike3 PlayerBots? And if you can describe how?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Bump and is getting close to a special date eh eh
    Big Hugs to all

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    Does anyone have a link to Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack?
    mine got damaged with a hard drive crash.
    thanks in advance

    Nevermind, I got one to work.
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    i have a new bug, i recently setup the server on my new laptop and ran it fine, but when i attack mobs the mobs always keep missing when attacking my character, can anyone help with this?

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    Is it possible to play the Zombie/Scourge Invasion event? because in the original post it said "Almost all worlds event available"
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    Trying to set up a private server for just a few friends and I to toy with..

    having a problem when I try to start up the world server, it starts and stops immediately, I have all the paths set up correctly as far as I know, and I've installed everything according to the provided instructions.. is this repack still working?

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    Please post your Server.log file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyLilSuccy View Post
    Please post your Server.log file.
    I was able to get it working finally.

    Just needed to toy around with it a little further.

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    I'm new to this forum, so i have a question.
    How can i transfer my characters and auth base from original Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack (2015) to this one?
    I am using Navicat for MySQL.

    nvm got my bases to work fine by aplying patch to patch to my old bases with HeidiSQL.

    But i have frequent crashes with worldserver. If someone can explain why it happening, i can put error log here.
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    In your mouth!

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    Talking Haakonas Update

    Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack
    3.3.5a November-16-2018 (x64)

    I thought I would give you all something to enjoy until I believe it is May as I Lost everything that I had to do with WOW 3.3.5a and please remember that I have Cadasil which makes me forget everything just about. SO I need to relearn how to create this download for the future. This Download already has dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps installed and placed in the correct spot.

    In the subfolder _Server -> run the "mysql.bat" file. (This starts the database server)
    Then execute the "authserver.exe" file in the main folder. (This starts the LogIn Server)
    Then run the "worldserver.exe" file in the main folder. (This starts the WorldServer*)

    This has been updated to November-16-2018 (x64 not 32bit) MySQL 5.6 Trinity
    I truly apologize for this but it works phenomenally except the 32bit which I ran into issues
    so my apologies but it shall not be listed.

    This shall allow me to relearn what I had forgotten and provide you with the latest updates
    and Frayre I see that as you stated that you actually may update this in May and of course
    I do not have an issue with this since you have been updating this forever but I did promise
    Jeutie that one of us would continue but my PC had blown up and it took me forever and a day
    to return almost a dang YEAR. This has everything needed in order to create your own account
    the ability to make it an Administrator account and so forth.


    This has everything needed in correct spots
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    Hello everyone!

    I've tryed to dump my auth and character base from Frayre september repack to Haakonas november repack and it wont start.
    And I realised what Hakoonas repack have MySQL 5.5.9 version, maybe that's the case.
    Can someone explain which files I can take from Hakoonas repack to update Frayre repack?
    Frayre repack is good but have frequent crashes and bugs like some areas do not autorespawns, final DK quest do not work too.



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