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    TBC Server GM & Dev Recruitment

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    First off, for extra emotion listen to this while reading this bible: CLICK HERE

    Hello everyone, I feel like there haven't been a good Blizzlike "The Burning Crusade" server out there for awhile..

    Let's look back and see what I mean (keep in mind im not attacking these servers/developers I'm just making a point:

    CoreCraft: 4 years ago Corecraft uploaded a video on YouTube showing of their scripting in Karazhan, later they did more and more uploads, got more and more attention & views, later on they became inactive, unresponsive, etc. Now their latest upload is 3 years ago. Everyone is wondering where and what the server went. Now people have started giving up and tries to join new/or existing TBC servers wich for the most part are P2W(Pay-To-Win) or just shit (no offense).

    PlayTBC: PlayTBC, was a server (if you want to call it a server, I'd say it was a fraud) they promised us this great server, with great devs & scripting, also they blew up with attention and all sorts of donations etc, right after Nostalrius (the vanilla private server which got Shutdown by Blizzard, April 10th 2016) They soon after that announced that they were going to open the gates for the public. They had a troublesome start they got ddosed (what server doesnt tbh) they didn't announce any news other than, "soon, gmt+1), Every. Single. Day. We got tired of it, the hype died, they later gave up on the project and ran away with the money they received by donations and fucked us all over basicly.

    Hellground-WoW: Hellground-WoW has been existing for awhile, they recently started a TBC server wich btw the release went great! active player base, also another hyped server. Few days after launch (18th march) A Gamemaster, abused his powers, spawned in NPC's e.g Illidan Stormrage, Kazzak, in major cities, e.g Orgrimmar, Stormwind. Gave gold & items to players, helped his guild clear raids got record times of 2 seconds killing bosses. He later on got caught by his staff-buddies, they took action on him, but he apologized and they did the one and only big mistake, mars (19th) he was unbanned and back to GM powers, he later said he was retiring and he abused his powers yet again.. he is now banned and the server has been down since 19th mars, because they're "fixing it" they've also deleted their twitter after this incident and downtime. Wich doesn't seem promising...

    Now that's over.
    I really want to create a oldschool Blizzlike, Burning Crusade Server and give everything the PS community have been promised for a long time now, BUT to do that I will be needing professional GMs Devs & Mods. If you want to help me out then please don't hestitate to contact me on discord, or comments or PM's here.

    Thanks everyone. <3
    (Feel free to correct me on some statements that has been made in this post.)

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/RjWutUb
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    Thank you blizzard for upgrading expansions. TBC died centuries ago no point of playing it anymore, it's old and imperfect

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    "Kharazan" stop reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XigoR View Post
    "Kharazan" stop reading.
    Fixed it. Fast fingers, heh.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Quote Originally Posted by HeroicDev View Post
    Fixed it. Fast fingers, heh.



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