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    Done a lot of Work on upcoming Legion 7.3.2 realm

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    x3 xp rates will last tomorrow too, after that, back to x2

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    Holidays are Over, welcome back to ⚒️ ReforgeCraft ⚒️ There is new Northrend Patch being created with extra features like many new upgrade-able items, custom player spells obtained with Forbidden Books, custom races, login screen and More - Stay tooned!

    Some Changes were made on ShadowMourne realm - Players now start at level 60 with T1 gear, Kill Xp rate increased to x11 and Quest XP rate to x22!

    New Legion 7.3.2 realm is open for testing
    How to Connect?
    Players at start get lvl60 with custom Spells added to their Spellbooks, commands like .t , welcoming quests with rewards, Heirlooms vendor, Artifacts Vendor & Flying Trainer!

    Bonus Weekend XP rates activated!
    All XP rates x3 for the weekend
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    Large Update is incoming

    Custom races, custom maps, models and mounts all will be integrated into new custom content

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    Players can now finish Ragefire Chasm to get Instant 42
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loud21 View Post

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    Here are some latest updates:

    Added Newbie Boss at Ragefire chasm, it drops instant lvl 42 and some gear
    also 2 previous bosses drop some gear and weapons for a fresh lvl 42 player to use

    Created a Quest for upgrading the LifeBinder into a 1h mace focused for feral Builds, questgiver is here Inside Zul'gurub instance on Zanza's Rise

    Players can now farm Reputation for lower City much faster and get the Auchenai Key (needed for Auchindoun Heroics) easely. Created .t auchenaikey and quest for it there, edited all Shalassi mobs and remade elite into a mini boss for this quest

    Have set armor of all creatures x3 , this should make armor penetration viable again as the Bosses armor cap will not be hit (bosses had x11 and up to x22 armor)

    Have done some edits to these spells:

    Unholy Presence - Now affects all global cooldowns not just DK ones. And can stack with Blood or Frost Presence
    Touch of Zanzil is now undispellable, preventing anyone from sneaking around to bosses.

    The following spells rank 1 will not affect melee swing cooldowns:
    Insect swarm
    Arcane barrage
    Dragons breath
    Living bomb
    Shadow Word pain
    Devouring plague
    Curse of agony
    And also Corruption rank 4.

    This will give more variety to some builds
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    http://prntscr.com/iujmmx added NPC that sells a few buffs and Removes Touch of Zanzil at .t m1 Just select the obvious option for it and confirm that you are an asshole

    Disabled The +5 Mana suffix in source code and nerfed All pets, but latest TC update changed something and caused issues with characters appearances Untill fixed will be unable to apply these source code changes

    Have updated Magtheridon's Lair, Gruul's Lair, HC Dungeons Epics, Tier 4 and Badge of Justice gear with Gem sockets and socket bonuses.

    Melee types got +40 attack power and + 10 critical Strike rating socket bonuses

    Badge of justice melee items got +50attack power and + 12critical strike rating bonuses

    Caster types got +35 spell power and +20stamina socket bonuses

    Badge of Justice Caster items got +50 spell power and +30stamina bonuses.

    Couple hundred stackable items have been updated to stack up to 9999

    Added T4 vendor and Badge of Justice Vendor at .t m1 http://prntscr.com/iujrv6 BoJ drop from Heroic Bosses

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    Enabled Cat swipe at lvl 40 it was usually available only at lvl 71
    Similarly Frostfire bolt rank 1 and 2 have been lowered to lvls 20 and 40 some time ago

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    Since all items except some special and custom ones are BoE, changed the DK questing gear to DK class only. It was a little too easy getting that gear and sending it to lvl 1 alters

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    Karazhan Tokens Gear is out! Created 2 new vendors at .t m1 , they sell edited Merciless Gladiator PvP gear for 20 Karazhan Tokens per item.
    Have manually edited 1 by 1 idol, totem, libram, shield and all weapons as well.
    Also created a quest that gives 30 demonic soul Bones for 1 Kara Token so Re-randomizing your items goes more smoothly

    Lowered lvl requirement of Kill Shot to 60 (it was lvl 71 by default)

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    Lord Gul'dan also sells now nice meta gems for 10Badges of Justice each

    Have set now all the gear sold by G'eras to be just 30 badges of justice

    Doomwalker at .t doomwalker now drops 999999 copper to 9999999copper which translates into more than this

    Lowered AP on Feral Redemption Shirt to 222 and Reforged Shirt of Derpness into a shirt usable by warriors too, has now + 30% more AP and 66strength instead of intellect. It is sold by Bloody Money Vendor for 40 Demonic Soul Bones

    Last edited by Marko2; 03-25-2018 at 10:41 PM. Reason: added more meta gems

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