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    Arrow Northrend - Progressive ClassLess WOTLK realm

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    Each Base Class has specific Perks and properties making many choices for unique Builds using ClassLess interface to build on top of it using points and stats gained from leveling to choose Spells and Talents you Desire

    Players can have all profesions on each char
    Complete Interaction with Other Faction + .t
    Instant flight paths all open and maps explored
    All players can use all Armors and Weapons
    Auto-Revive for Newbies up to lvl 11 (Immortality System)
    Item transmog, Reforging and all Glyphs
    x2 XP Rates and Progressive content starting on Vanilla
    War is over! Do other factions quests and visit their towns!
    Custom Spells added + Random Enchants and Suffixes on ALL Items
    Travel anywhere in the world using .t
    More handy .commands + Custom commands
    Custom Monk Pet vendor will help you get some stuff in game
    Nice Mall @ .t m1 with custom NPCs and all basic stuff
    Pretty Balanced out base class builds
    1v1 CrossFaction BattleGrounds & Arena with custom PVP currency
    Purchaseable Tree Form, Fly Anywhere Mount and HolyForm
    Buffed Pets + Hunter Pets for All! They have max TP and more hp/dmg
    Handy .resetc command for your re-builds - Free of course
    Lots of customized + Custom Content

    All Randomized Items can now be Re-randomized with custom tokens

    This 58kb Patch R is all you need
    (updated 23.4.2018)
    Join us Here!

    Each level you will get points to spend on spells/talents/stats from any class and your base class spells and talents you can learn the normal way.

    ReforgeCraft on Facebook

    Our Discord Chat Channel

    Guide for slightly Customized, Progressive End-Game Content

    Newbie Guide on YouTube

    Update: Raised default XP rates to x3 , also first part of Karazhan Attunement customized Quest chain content is finished
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    #1 Salmon farmer
    Another one

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    Quote Originally Posted by XigoR View Post
    Another one

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroicDev View Post
    Horde chat
    Orcboy163: Hey mate, you interested in doing some dungeons?
    Badassdruid253poodle: IJHSS REK'THARRRWIEYH8UVX 9IPOJCWV3ZBHJ<,KI.vreR LOG ELF ELF CABBAGE LOKMARTGO RROOOOOOOOOA TROTHTTTT FOFTRAMK LODK *The ally dude ganks the orc in his bear form for no reason*
    Alliance chat
    Zugzugboy163: ZUG ZUG LOK'TAR OGAR ORC ORC *sniffs* *Grunts* ZUG ZUG?
    Badassdruid253poodle: FOR THE ALLIANC2H3FYWE8<56zx7oX9POKÇMQ WNGHDS KEEELLL TEH HOARDDDDDDDD I H8 THEM *Goes Bear form and ganks noob*

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    running multiple realms with a low pop is not a good idea.

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    "Another One" ? I only know Awakening to have any similar classless system to mine. Except on my realms players can get ALL 3 base class talent trees making them much stronger + ofc classless interface to learn from other classes and even a few custom spells. Not to mention many perks and customisations making it a unique server out there.
    If you know even a single server similar to mine, do let me know.

    Some players like buffed items and op stats, custom content etc. But some do not. Now there are realms for both tastes. Northrend demands more skills to solo content. While on Shadowmourne realm players can solo pretty much everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marko2 View Post
    Some players like buffed items and op stats, custom content etc. But some do not. Now there are realms for both tastes. Northrend demands more skills and group effort. While on Shadowmourne realm players can solo almost everything.
    Btw guys i can't even edit my own thread's name, let alone bump it with updates unless i make some bot accounts just for bumping my own thread which is lame. You all know that when you make a thread your options are very limited. Anytime you write something the thread will not show as updated but will simply have the last post edited for as many times as u post any update. Sure you can make edits to original first post as well, but that too will stay un-noticed as the system seems to demand bumper accounts to function properly. It is strange to me considering all this that you are surprised if i make another thread for such a large update and a new realm. What other choice do I really have? Make a bumper acc? Sorry but that is not going to happen. All news and updates concerning this realm I will write here. And updates concerning Shadowmourne realm, will be written in it's respective thread.
    still doesn't take away the fact having multiple realms with a extreme low pop, isn't a good idea.

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    Update: Created a new vendor that is actually the good old Pandaren Monk pet, he sells some good stuff like gems, few mounts and reagents.
    Ended the War between factions, now you can do both factions quests and visit their towns without being attacked. I might have missed some small towns faction somewhere, but i can fix it fast
    Peeps now have the option to get instant 60 with nice vanilla end-game items or enjoy leveling as Tauren/Orc/Bloodelf in Stormwind/Goldshire and other towns or Human/Draenei/Nightelf in Orgrimmar/Valley of trials etc. etc. many fun options
    This is easy with .teleport command.
    Updated some stuff in custom .tel m1 place where all trainers are and custom NPCs
    Created Custom Shirts to balance out damage of Caster and melee builds

    -Shirts and Stuff
    -Class Trainers
    -Many Veins and deposits
    -Guild Vaults

    These things are there @ .tel m1 for faster access

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    Alright I just checked out your server and tested the ShadowMourne realm. It's not at all classless, you start out as Druid and you only get Druid spells BUT that's if you learn them. There's no direction as to how to get gear or anything. There's no custom weapons or gear from what I saw, only custom items were gems, bags and a few other things from what I could see. You start out at level 50 in the beginner zone with 0 spells and are forced to wander around aimlessly trying to find anything to help you find out what to do. I found 1 class trainer in Orgrimmar in the beginning and it's a Druid trainer because -surprise- you can ONLY be a Druid on this server which actually makes you a liar because technically your server is far from classless if you start out as only 1 class with no choice. I loved the concept and wanted to try it but was deeply disappointed at how poorly you managed to bring it out. I'd suggest working on 1 server then releasing it before trying to work on multiple servers with no direction.

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    Mate u downloaded some old patches from my old Frostmourne project, you need only patch R that has 53kb. Last night i was up on server till 3:30am but guess u came later. I usually invite anyone to my guild on shadowmourne realm because that gives access to some nice areas filled with custom vendors, trainers and useful stuff. Simply delete those old patches and use proper patch R that has just 53kb and you can make any race/class as your base then you can use classless interface to learn spells/talents from other classes and your base class the usual way. I also offer new guys instant lvl 60 and some tier 1 gear and stuff so they can have more fun.

    Up there in main thread is patch R and is also in website's main page, I have not edited the How to connect page in a while with the new patch though, that must have made u download that obsolete stuff.
    Here is the proper patch:

    Now updated the "Connect" page


    Oh and custom stuff starts after lvl 80 with some edits in VOA, Naxx and Ulduar, ICC too and finally Zul'Gurub.
    These days i'm also working on a new patch that will have over 32 700 items from cata/mop/wod and legion. But am also adding some creature models there too so i can use it in next custom content.
    I'm up now it is 11:04am here so if you are around, drop by and i'll set u up

    But you did remind me of something Slipknot, thank you I have just recently made peeps start from 50, before was from lvl 1 for all and they could even teleport to other races starting places with a teleporter made just for that. So indeed making a custom starting place for all instead of relying on guild wars system with which new peeps are not familiar and need invite, would be good. Now i'll make all peeps start at same location, was planing to do it after i make new patch with all the cata/mop/wod/legion stuff but yeah guess it can be done now too.
    Thanks for constructive criticism, probably would have forgotten about this if you did not mention it

    Update: Working on new starting place now peeps already start there
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    I downloaded them because your website and everything says you need those certain patches for ShadowMourne. If it was for Frostmourne then you should've had it saying that instead of it saying it was for ShadowMourne. Although I'm sure you have a decent server you're also saying it's classless when you're actually just forcing players to start as Druid. Oh and why have custom stuff after level 80? That doesn't really make much sense when you have 2 realms and 1 of them is focused on being a "fun" type server compared to the other server but yet you have to wait until later in the game to see anything custom. Why not just customize Blizz gear? It would be a lot easier and wouldn't really require you to do much because you're just increasing the stats on the items which will in turn give players more incentive to want to play your server so they can see the more customized things you have going on.

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    So I play here once in awhile, and here is my honest opinion, I don't play on the 'Blizzlike' server, but on the fun server.

    1. I think the guild systeem is hurting the server more then it helps it, relying on being invited to a guild to have the full functionality is a not so smart move, especially with the server being new and having a small population. A players comes online and no one is online to invite him, its impossible for him to have a clue how to get started.
    NOTE: The owner has now made a mall that helps the players get started, I've seen an increase in population just because of this, so kudos on him for finally doing it.

    2. Having to rely on the tele command to get to the mall and other places. once you are invited to the guild you get the ability to use the tele command to certain places. One being the starting zone for level 50, this NEEEDS to be moved to a teleport NPC. Quite frankly i'm baffled that it isn't there int he first place. There should be a clear indicator where you should start. And most fun server players will look for a teleport as a guide to where to start.

    3. The reseting of your custom talents. There is only a command to reset your whole talents and spells, so you lose spells, professions, talents, custom talents, mounts, companions. It really cripples the most fun aspect of the server, which is theory crafting, because at the same time you don't want to lose all the mounts , companion and professions(which are completely blizzlike, other then the rate) you worked to get. Now I know for a fact that there is a way to only reset your custom talents/spells and not your whole character, i have tested it myself. (custom talents have there own table, so just make a command/script to reset that.)

    4. The dev priorities are messed up. A lot of things are half done, half done. For example he is now focusing in importing huge amounts of display and textures instead of fixing bugs and making more custom content. I think this a huge mistake. I for one don't give a flying fuck about textures, i want more content.

    Look buddy i have been there, fixing bugs isn't as fun as importing cool new stuff, but trust me focus on that.

    5. leveling for 50 to 80, now im torn on this, for one it keeps the players busy and gives him a bit of time of learning the class he/she is playing. Also since half the level 80 content is a bit confusing/not done. This time is usually enough to learn what you need to do to progress your character, and what is not done yet. But the server is shines in his end game, not the levelling progress, which is what most players don't get to see, since they have to level first.

    1. Level 80 end game is fun and feels like progress. Since you don't have any starting gear for 80 and you are usually wearing starting gear from level 50 or level 70 gear, getting a piece of level 80 gear feels good, you can instantly feel your character getting more powerful. The blizzlike buffed items(NAXX, ULDUAR, ICC) are not hard to get and you can get a decently geared character (200-251 item level) in a day. While 251 > takes a bit more time, but most of the time people are running heroic ICC so you can get a few pieces of Blizzlike BiS while still being under geared)

    2. Custom Content is decent. one thing he did was modify a existing retail quest chain to fit the custom server, I for one like the approach instead of having to farm a token for hours. I do hope he takes more advantage of this in the future. The current end game instance is ZG, which also feels like you need to be decently geared to do. So you kinda need to do ICC to able to do ZG, which i think is good. Custom gear is insane, bit overpowered. but its a server mainly focused on PVE, so doesn't really matter as much.

    3. Having custom talents is fun fun fun. you can theory craft a bit, experiment with different talents, try to see whats the best, also feels like a breath of fresh air in the fun server community.

    Server is alright, needs some work. I do hope the dev fixed the little annoyance and continues to work on the custom content, because i think thats what most players want right now.I do encourage people to come and try it, also those who have in the past. with the mall and starting at level 50 has made it a huge improvement in terms of starting out.

    I also think for now, he needs to focus on one realm. having two realms as one dev is not a good idea, but thats just my opinion.
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    Smile Updates and Beyond

    Slipknot, have fixed the "connect" page info as soon as you pointed it out last time with old patches issue.
    Players can make any race/class combo as their base on which they build on, only the small patch R that has 53kb is needed, nothing else to play.

    Have worked on server these last 3 days till 4:30am and made some changes.

    Players start at lvl 50 in a customized area, there are newbie gear vendors, weapons, mounts, gems, free tier 1 etc.
    Created custom Ancient Robots repeatable quest that rewards Dread Pirate ring and custom bag + some of 6 mounts u choose

    Peeps can also farm gold/Veins and deposits at Greedy bastards place

    Players can level using Personal teleporter to get to lvl 50+ , 60+ and 70+ areas. I have not populated em yet with the questgivers, but basically all the questgivers from that lvl range will be at those places, peeps can use instant flight paths and mounts to complete quests faster.
    Have ended the war between factions and this is one important point i do not want peeps to skip out on.
    You can do both alliance and Horde side quests no matter if u are Orc or Human or whatever race. Giving new dimension to world of warcraft.

    Have also made 2 new world Bosses, just need to script them and add loot, One will drop Heirlooms and the other custom Heirlooms and more. Which will make the leveling process faster for those who wish it.

    Btw, there is instant 70 for vp and instant 80 for dp in item shop. Not to mention I usually give new players 1st char instant 60 so they can take Tier 1 straight away.

    The Guild Wars system is just one more custom thing that is a little fun to do, but is not essential, it makes more trouble for me than it does for any peeps. (have to clean up when some smart-ass decides to break rules and buys whole area in instances or towns and populates them with guards and buildings, pigs, barns etc. damn that's a pain to delete 1 by 1) Peeps can use it in my guild too so they can buy their own areas more easy (and supervised)

    There already is end-game content like VOA, Naxx, Ulduar, ICC and Reforged Zul'gurub, but make no mistake there will be more! Have already started working on Demonic content and editing entire damn Azshara crater with custom stuff that will be one more custom content. Keep in mind these things take time.

    Ok, thats all for now gotcha run over to next town, my gf has a birthday and i can't be late!
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    Bump made many updates on Northrend realm

    Northrend Server Features:

    Start at lvl 1 (Max 70)
    Any race as any class
    Trainers and custom NPCs at Mall (.t m1)
    Class Specific Shirts at mall to help Balance classes
    Vendor Pet with Helpful Items
    All Base Class Spells + All 3 Base Class talent trees at lvl 10
    Plenty of extra Abilty and Talent Points to freely spend on other Class specs
    Quests XP Rate: 1x
    Item Drop Rate: 2x
    No VIP Items/System
    Instant Flight paths
    The War is Over! Take quests from the Horde and Alliance!
    All Items are BOE for trading, Selling, or to send to Alts
    1v1 CrossFaction Battlegrounds + 1vs1 CrossFaction Arena

    Northrend Helpful Commands:

    .i u all (Reset Instances)
    .pet create
    ve (in /s type ve for visual enchant menu)
    #reset (unlearns all your talents and spells, base class + classless)
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