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    Double XP weekend starts in less than 5h

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Sky View Post
    good luck Marko
    Thank you

    Did some updates and changed ClassLess interface a little, removed mana/rage/energy bar since players now have infinite all powers, enabled frostfire bolt at lvl 20 and rank 2 at lvl 40 + added 98% threat reduce to ancient magick shirt usable by mages, priests and shammy base builds making em more viable builds as their hunter pets can now hold aggro
    Added 1 more fun spell to interface called Zombie form

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    Default XP rates are now x2 , enabling players to lvl much faster and Weekends will have x3

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    Updated Northrend core with bunch of TC updates and applied some custom fixes:
    1. Random Suffix system values display on inspect
    2. Kill announcer fix for instant kills (when end game peep kills a lowbie boss)
    3. ReChanter update: new items stats will be displayed correctly without relog and use item icons

    4. Personal XP rates ~ Any player can use it with .xprate or .xp to lower his default xp rate (avoid out-leveling their zones)
    5. Made Gurn Grubnosh into a Custom Boss (one of the Gruul's Lair Quest chains)
    6. Enabled Full S1utMogging (can now mog 2h swords into 1h axes etc. all item types into anything)

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    Weekend XP rates are x3 and activated

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    Finished first part of Karazhan Attunement:
    Customized quests, mobs, rescripted mobs and bosses for few quests
    Opened up entire Auchindoun which needs Gruul's Lair Achievement to enter
    Have added 5-6 [Demonic Soul Bones] to Hellfire Citadel normal dungeons loot of bosses and 9-11 to heroic bosses.
    Last Shattered hall boss has 11-15 and Magtheridon has 11-15 all are 100% drops.
    Added 2-3 Karazhan Tokens as 100% drop to loot of heroic Auchindoun bosses:
    Auchenai Crypts
    Sethekk Halls
    Shadow Labyrinth - Murrmurrr Heroic has 3-4 tokens

    Auchindoun Requirements:
    Crypts - Gruul's Lair Achievement
    Heroic Crypts - Normal Achievement
    Normal Mana Tombs - Heroic Crypts achievement
    Heroic Mana Tombs - Normal achievement
    Sethekk Halls - Heroic Mana Tombs
    Heroic Sethekk - Normal Sethekk achievement
    Shadow Labyrinth - Heroic Sethekk achievement + Key
    Heroic Shadow Labrynth - Normal Shadow Labrynth achievement

    Scripted The Master's Key Shard Guardian(s)

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    Re-scripted all the Bladespire ogres now too, so we have both Bloodmaul and Bladespire ogres and their Leaders scripted as custom bosses
    Each Ogre has some different nice spells they use now, from summoning the Black Chicken of Death to divine Storm, Necro strike, plague strike and Phantom Blasts. And ofc their leaders have even more spells and abilities making the whole Gruul's lair attunement custom quest chain much more challenging

    On top of this first part of Kara attunement is done so lots of adventures await

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    Bonus XP weekend is active
    all XP rates x3

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    Happy Holidays
    These days bonus XP rates will be active: All XP rates are x3
    Have fun

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    If you are below lvl 60, Invocation of the Wickerman buff may come your way



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