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    Idea of a progressive server.

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    I have an idea for a new project, a progressive World of Warcraft server starting from Vanilla up to all expansions without shutting down the old one. Got enough skills, resources and time to invest in it but i'm not sure if it would succeed.
    For example:

    - First i'd start with a Vanilla realm, for a year/months it would reach the 1.12.1 patch.
    - After that a 2.4.3 (TBC) realm would be launched without shutting down the vanilla one, just cloning the characters with all realm fist stuff so vanilla fans can keep on playing it.

    Then move to 3.3.5/4.3.4 new realms.. whatever, you get the idea.

    So, what's your opinions, would it succeed, would it not? Any replies would be appreciated.

    (this is a serious project, i have the time, resources and skills to invest in it and im not looking for staff members or any kind)

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    I would not think this to be successful, sorry. It would be a great thing if it could, but honestly only one of the current go-through all xpacs has population and the rest are dead as hell. You'd need a large server to endorse your project for it to be successful.

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    I personally love the idea, but what makes a server 'good' is the population. And for that, you need to hope that the 'word of mouth' is quick to spread.

    Plus some people dislike certain expansions, so pretty much like retail WoW you'd have player losses and increases at certain points.

    Unless you'd keep the previous expansion realm up while people could transfer their vanilla char to the tbc server, and so on.
    However this wouldn't be any good in my opinion as the population would be way too spread between each and every expansion server.

    And like Sincres said, you will need a large server for all of it if you're planning to go big and serious. Elysium for example is (begging) asking for donations for their servers, I believe they claimed each of them to be costing over 300 EUR?

    I'd play on it, I guess, would love being part of the team too, xD
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    Though I'm not averse to the idea in principle, the idea as described would, at least in my opinion, be rather problematic.

    As already mentioned, what keeps a server going is the population. But by opening a different realm at each expansion, you are effectively splitting the population since as you've already recognized, some players will want to stay behind.

    Now, for example, think of the problem with guilds. Even if a majority of a guild move over to the new realm what happens on the old realm if the guild leader suddenly isn't there anymore (or conversely on the new realm if the leader hasn't moved there). It isn't just a question of leaders either. What of the contents of the guild bank, etc. This can open a whole Pandora's box of issues that will just get the players mad at you.

    Another issue here is the game client. Not everyone will want to have multiple versions of the game installed on their machines.

    Again, I kinda of like the idea in principle but as proposed I don't see it succeeding. Doesn't mean I'm right, just my opinion.

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    Too be honest i have thought about doing this, and working from 1.12.1 -> 2.4.3 -> 3.3.5. I would end it with WOTLK.

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    Changing patches twice seems problematic for the players. What about taking a 3.3.5 core and editing the stat curve to the point where Outland is impossible without T3-equivalent gear, the same with Northrend and T6. You could open all 22 raids at once and players would have to finish each xpac to easily move on.

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    This is what crestfall is doing right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sdyess View Post
    This is what crestfall is doing right?
    Atlantiss is doing the same.



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