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    WoW 1.12.x Blizzlike Server Repack

    This is a MaNGOS zero 0.20 x32 latest updated build as of 19/10/2018. Including added blizzlike enhancements that have been coded into this project to improve functionality where the official source isnt yet functional. This WoW server repack contains all the files that you need to run your own server excluding the C++ redistributibles, which can easily be downloaded from microsoft's website. This server is compatible with WoW client versions 1.12.1 / 1.12.2 / 1.12.3.


    Latest Updates as of 19/10/2018


    Fixed warlock pets classes and combat mechanics

    Re-Re-Fixed pets no longer go under the mesh


    Fixed crushing hit mechanics

    Fixed fear/flee mechanics so NPC's no longer run underneath the map

    Fixed the warlock pet Imp and other NPC mages combat mechanics now blizzlike

    Reworked the NPC/creature combat movement mechanics now blizzlike

    Re-Fixed pets no longer staying under the mesh

    Re-fixed creatures/NPC's dieing at different angles

    Fixed Warlocks pets summon at full hp

    Fixed Hunters pets loyalty/happiness/feed mechanics now blizzlike

    Fixed Hunters talent Improved Revive Pet now works 100%

    Updated database with latest official fixes

    Updated core server code with latest fixes

    Fixed durability on weapons/armour now 100% implemented correctly (if you use a wand it only takes durability off the wand and for sword etc...)

    Fixed looting/quest objectives on creature/NPC kill for players

    Fixed weapon/armour durability decrease now blizzlike

    Fixed pets doing more than 50% damage to creature's/NPC's is now lootable and recognised as your kill

    Fixed Paladin Holy Light healing bonus

    Fixed Paladin Lawbringer set Healing Light proc rate

    Fixed NPC's (e.g. Guards) that deal more than 50% health in damage to an NPC is no longer lootable by the player

    Fixed extra spell damage on weapon attacks e.g. (Cold Iron Pick)

    Fixed melee/ranged attack reset timers on spell cast

    Fixed NPC extra talk options after finishing certain quests

    Fixed Battleground Buffs and AB flag capture script

    Fixed pet spells and abilities when using focus

    Improved AQ20 General Rajaxx script

    Fixed pets no longer cast spells if they dont have enough mana

    Fixed you now lose aggro on enter/exit instances

    Fixed resurrection spells cast inside dungeons/raids

    Fixed pets/characters crashing server with learned spells/active auras when logging in

    Fixed NPC Vaelan Upper Blackrock Spire trigger

    Fixed Polymorph/other spells no longer crashes server in PvP now 100% blizzlike

    Fixed confuse/fear mechanics - confuse breaks on hit, fear doesnt 100% blizzlike

    World boss Taerar encounter 100% Blizzlike

    All raid/world bosses drop correct amount of gold

    Fixed NPC/Player spells where certain player spells reduce in duration when cast in quick succession
    where now only certain player spells decrease in duration

    ZG - Hakkar now losses HP and proportional attack strength for each priest killed

    Aggro/Deaggro mechanics slightly reworked now much more blizzlike - Bosses should no longer
    lose aggro in any situation unless outside of visual range outside of an instance

    NPC Guards damage has been re-calculated to be more blizzlike

    Hunter's concussion shot now stops auto attack and pet attacking when hit

    Reworked stun/fear/confuse/charm effects on spells/actions more blizzlike

    Durability on armour/equipment is no longer lost from PvP combat

    Fixed Ouro & Skeram scripts in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

    Minor improvements and fixes to various things (e.g. implemented the Elemental invasion event)

    Fixed NPC hunters pet deaggro when the owner deaggro's

    Fixed when your pet is attacked you are now in combat with the attacker

    Fixed when NPC's deaggro they are no longer greyed out as if someone has tagged the NPC

    Fixed gnomish death ray/shrink ray they now work as intended only the death ray doesnt vary in health drained atm static 106 per tick for 4 ticks

    Updated a few more items/quests/spells to their correct values and mechanisms

    Improved latency issues with higher populated servers

    Fixed festival bonfire crash

    Fixed starting inventories and starting quickbar

    Added SleepCommands in mangosd.conf so you can turn on/off some fixes which may have an impact on lag with large numbers of players on a server

    Updated core code with more fixes

    Updated database with latest dev updates

    Fixed a wide range of different spells and abilities e.g. Cannabalize, Seal of command, Arcane Missile etc...

    Fixed Molten Core script for majordomo summoning after runes are doused & ragnaros script

    Major update to data files

    Fixed Naxxramus and the server crashing bug

    Updated core code with more fixes e.g. error on exit

    Updated database with latest dev updates

    Fixed spell aura's e.g. Thorns so they no longer crit

    Fixed multiple server crashing bug's

    Fixed fear motion effect is now running instead of walking

    Gurubashi arena chest now spawns at correct times every 3 hours with correct loot

    Fixed Hunter revive pet and call pet spells so they now work properly

    Fixed wierd NPC's mounting onto random visual objects after deaggro

    Fixed resistances at low level so they no longer provide crazy spell resist

    Fixed you can now ghost run to any spirit healer and ressurect at your location rather than getting teleported back to your starting spirit healer

    Modified weapon skill calculation again - more blizzlike than before

    Fixed buffs (e.g. druid thorns) that cause damage on hit to display properly and calculate as a spell rather than raw damage

    Updated creature movement so that it is less likely for a creature to run past you when engaging still not 100% fixed but much better

    Fixed warrior skills being delayed more than they should

    Fixed starting inventory / bugged out starting thrown weapons that could crash the server

    Updated weapon/defense skill system to be more blizzlike (can now train weapon skill on level 1's)

    Fixed - Other minor changes to make it more blizzlike etc...

    implemented - lvl60+ world elite/boss non-humanoids can now be kited indefinately (smiley face - i know its not 1.12.1 blizzlike but i loved this so much in vanilla i brought it back) mangosd.conf has an option to enable/disable infinite world bosses/lvl60+ elites combat range

    Many other fixes and improvements have been implemented, this list would be too long to detail each one. So ive only detailed the fixes most people would notice. This server is updated with all the patches/updates on the official github repository.

    Can be downloaded here - WoW 1.12.x Server Repack Download

    These package's contain everything u need to play WoW on your own server. You should have all the .exe/.dll/.conf etc... with a data folder in the same directory. Then in the data folder you should have 5 other folders, dbc/mysql55/vmaps/mmaps/maps. Then all you gotta do is run start.bat and give it 10 seconds to load the mysql database before pressing enter. Set your realmlist to then login. Simple as that.

    If anyone finds a game breaking bug give me a message about it and i'll see if i can fix it. By game breaking i mean crashes or something extremely unblizzlike.
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    Question thread not working

    There is no text or any info here, seems like a forum bug or author deleted his own work

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    should be ok now
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    Does the corrupted ashbringer event work in this?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Other than crashing a lot it seems pretty fine to me..

    Edit: giving myself max gold might have been causing the crash. I gavemyself max and spoke to an NPC and it crashed twice, now i gave myself 1k instead and worked fine.

    2nd Edit: Nope, crashed again after talking to riding trainer
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    Which riding trainer you talk to?

    Can u give any information to what u did before it crashed any of the other times?
    Last edited by Arkadus; 12-01-2016 at 02:51 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkadus View Post
    Which riding trainer you talk to?

    Can u give any information to what u did before it crashed any of the other times?
    Figured it out! i played for an hour with no crash now, talking to multiple NPC's in all horde capital cities. I played in windowed fullscreen for that whole hour, then the second i put in windowed (not fullscreen) it crashed when talking to a random npc (tested this a few times)

    scratch that.. Spoke to riding trainer in bloodhoof village (Kar Stormsinger) And it crashed damnit.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There's also a bug with riding apparently, i can learn both speeds, but only get 60% effect even tho i ride a swift mount
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    @Arkadus thank you so much for this! Gave you some rep
    And i really mean thank you, thank you, thank you.. we haven't had an updated vanilla repack for years. Bless man!
    (Have tried multiple times to set it up on my own, but to no avail.. so this is a Godsend)

    If i may ask?
    1) do you plan on continuing to work on it? Or at the least, re-upload it when Mangos pushes a new build?
    2) have you altered the walk/run speeds? Toons on foot are almost as fast as the 60% mount :S
    Last edited by Aenra; 12-02-2016 at 12:53 PM.

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    love the repack mate very stable had zero issues thank you for the release

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    (pushing it, i know, but a man must dream)

    @Arkadus? Any chance for a similar 2.4.3 treatment?
    For most people, it's either 3.3.5 or 1.12.x and i can understand both views. For me however, it's always been TBC. Improved upon vanilla (most notably in classes' raid viability), not yet going full mainstream as was to be the case from wotlk and onward. Just me of course.

    You ever consider it, by all means do upload

    edit: In as far as this repack goes, yes, i too have found no issues at all. Really well done.

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    If i had the time i probably could but im busy with other things to start a whole new project for 2.4.3, ive been working on 1.12 for over a year on and off so it takes more time than you think.

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    I understand

    Either way, my thanks again for this repack.

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    new around here, been lurkin these forums a couple weeks now trying to see the different versions I like. Your repack is great. I've also been liking the single player project and bot projects but I haven't been able to find any single player project type repacks for 1.12, why is that? I've been crudely messing with what i can hacking in sql scripts and such, but I think i need something clean to play with again, redownloading your newest

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    Either way, my thanks again for this repack.

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    Hey, thank you for all the work you have done but I have found that Paladin spells to not scale with bonus healing from gear.
    Can you please confirm this for me?

    Many thanks

    edit: So after a little more testing it seems that "Holy Light" is not benefiting from any of the bonus healing from gear. "flash of Light" does but neither of these spells can be given a greater bonus percentage by adding them into Spell_Bonus. "blessing of Healing" works correctly. I am an absolute nub at this but if there's anything I can do to help please let me know.

    Last edited by stickynicky21; 03-05-2017 at 08:15 PM.

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    @Stickynicky21 Yes this should be fixed in the latest update and it didnt work because the spell Id is different than what is represented by mangos.exe Holy Light Id 19968.



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