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    Is worgen starting zone up and running?

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    how activate crossfaction ???

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    Where can I find german locale databse for this ? So I have all quests etc in german?

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    Found the trinity DB how do I get the german locales into jadecore?

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    It doesnt exist full german DB for 5.4.7/8!

    Check the structure, and no, you dont get an example

    Learn it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterium View Post
    It doesnt exist full german DB for 5.4.7/8!

    Check the structure, and no, you dont get an example

    Learn it!
    I know but what is avaiable is better then nothing.

    Thank you, would take to much time to learn only have a few minutes every evening. So I just use english.

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    Is there a normal 5.4.8 trinity db?

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    Lightbulb My version of JadeCore

    Hello guys, I took this source and did some fixes and edits. First i applied all fixes and updates to it over from nofearr death project since that source seemed to have a few more stuff fixed(one dev went and made his own core) and from skyfire applied too some small stuff, then i started working on it and fixed a bunch of panda quests and remodeled many of them to how I think they should be like hehe which means instead of snatching master's flame you will have to defeat his old mistress that has accumulated yaoi manga and is a disgrace to their temple, also you will have to go and burn it. Many speed buffs have been put for faster moving around.

    Many bugged quests fixed as well, duplicate spawns deleted. Orc starting area that crashes client has some object or something. I deleted over 200 nearby objects and still could not find the one that causes server crash so i made a "work-around" Hehe i think you guys will like it. Created the new content "Orc plague" Edited that valley of trials map and shut it down so players can't get there, instead they start @ trolls starting place and have all troll quests available to them + their own orc quests too and edited as well! for example blood elves and orcs both get 4 20-slot bags at their starter quests and get more cash and xp. Well panda's get some stuff too.

    The entrance to Valley of trials has been edited into plague infected zone, G Virus custom boss added and he drops some Hellscream Heirlooms and some nice items too.


    Plague Guardian drops all Archimonde loot + Hellscream's Doomblade

    The Butcher drops T16 currency, gold + some other minor stuff

    Have edited + created a few dozen new objects and mobs, what is good for new players here is a "Suspicious G Virus infected Tree" that object drops Dread Pirate ring heirloom but also spawns 2 Infected Larva which are tough for a lvl 11 monster. They drop some custom items for new guys like a nice bag and some toy sword, money too. Other then that, just follow speed buffs away from those dangerous bosses and mobs or just use Flight master in Sen'jin village. Both by speed buffs or flight master, next village is reachable easy.

    Oh, not to forget level cap raised to 100! and i've finished creature_classlevelstats, pet_levestats,player_levelstats, player_xp_for_level and player_classlevelstats template is almost done too just a few more dozen level/race/class combinations left to be manually added. And you will have your own lvl 100 mop 5.4.8 realm! Creatures and pets and xp are all 100% done, just need a few lines of classes/race combinations created. For example my orc lvl 100 monk has 1,6mil hp without gear.

    I also added a little custom stuff like npc that morphs players in a whole bunch of random morphs i added from 2diff npc morpher scripts and some of my own so it got messed up a little but works fine
    There are also 2 chat systems, one is .na and other is .chat but that .chat is a c++ script and yeah you'll need to edit it to not show reforgecraft, the .na one is easy to edit in Trinity string template. Oh btw i edited entire trinity string so commands are more fun hehe you will see what i mean and yeah players have acess to commands like .bank, .rep , .i u all , .mall (i created a small mall in one of mop secret places it hass morph npcs and enchanting npc) and the enchanting npc can actually enchant your items for free even if you are just lvl 1 so @ lvl1 you can have like 1600hp due to enchants which makes soloing stuff possible.

    small note - i edited some integrers in database to enable higher stats, in a few templates since i raised lvl cap to 100, had to do it. Which means it is now possible to have high lvl items. Pets already will have pretty damn good stats and players too when i finish all race.class.level combo

    Oh and yeah entire command permission was messed up in this core so i fixed it, now they work fine. Otherwise normal players were able to use owner rank commands

    That is about it so far, i think i've done well for this little time (1week) nobody helped me.
    So this is just the beginning of my work there must be countless quests broken so just let me know and ill fix em for you in 1 day or 2. I can't fix blizzlike mechanics though, or blizzlike scripted bosses, but i can make work-arounds by making them customized

    Here is live example of my work so far: reforgecraft.com

    and here is entire world db + worldserver and auth exes & dll's (since i added some scripts) if you don't like scripts, you can just use world db. Have fun and let me know what you think

    Bonus: type on your caster .additem 56063 and .additem 87864
    it is some example of custom items i plan on creating when i make this source into a lvl 255 fun realm, they will have even much higher stats but that will take much more time due to damn class/level/race combinations.. it's so bothersome making them all manually so many combinations.

    And yeah i had worked on some teleporter for this core but failed.. damn.. so i erased all his gossip menu option and other entry data and stuff, but npc remains @ .mall because i might fix him in future. I took one from wowsource and tried coding it for this core, but did not work
    Well just set all flight paths and maps open and instant like i did in worldserver.config that will help travel around faster.

    Two Major known bugs:
    1. Casters can't attack any creature at all unless they put their spells like auto-attack in action bars and then use action bars to attack creature. So far i have no idead how to fix this bug in the core. But can be played even with that problem.
    2. Instances are buggy, some just dont work at all, like temple of ahn'quiraj

    - - - Updated - - -

    Done some work today on core too. golden pagoda floating guys and fire fixed (they were all spawned in air, floating including the fire object). Greenstone village (jade forest) npcs fixed (some were duplicates and some were missing). fixed there and added: cursed brew, cursed brew bubble, cursed jade, doom bloom, greenstone terror, sassy seedling, vengeful Hui, Wily Woodling (did 1dmg and were friendly instead of hostile). Hutia (elite beast) was near village so i fixed it too also had no dmg and wrong faction. Spawned more Duneclaw Stingers & Matriarch's for "I'm with Scorpid" quest. In Kelp'thar forest deleted clacksnap pincer duplicates. Speckled sea turtle there is supposed to be vehicle but does not work at all. There were like 20 Gnash (elite Giants) at 1 place, deleted duplicates. Swift seahore, Addarah, Giant Sea Grub duplicates deleted. A Girl's best friend Quest has no objects spawned nearby that give the items, so added items to sabreclaw skitterrers as loot and edited quest to say kill em and get items. Inside gate of the setting sun instance after first boss, something crashes client. @ TrialOfTheChampion something crashes client. My guess is some objects cause this. Oh and yeah fixed entire acess_requirement table, added some stuff to mall - vendors and portals, transmog, reforging etc. Enough for today!

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    Anyone can upload world db?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dule1322 View Post
    Is your worldserver.exe started? Are you sure you setup everything right?
    yes i opened Worldserver.exe
    But he didn't work why?
    tell me Loogging in to game server
    i opened 2 programs
    = authserver.exe
    = worldserver.exe
    plz how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanosdk View Post
    If you use the repack change the ip from realmlist table, its not set to, change it and done.
    i dont understand u plz

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    No Work Man , i wait it 3 hours and now no work ?! ((

    what the hell !
    plz anyone help me !?
    Logging in to game Server!???????????????????
    i opened Mysql from _server folder
    = Authserver.exe
    = worldserver.exe\
    help me man

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    Where is the DB files??

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulthWoW View Post
    (0xc000007b) Help-me Please?
    I have this problem too, and I have both OpenSSL, and Visual Studio (2012, 2013, 2015) 32 and 64.

    I've tried only having 64bit, aswell as 32bit. Nothing seems to be working.

    Any ideas? I am running Windows 10 Pro, 64bit

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    First post github link isn´t working anymore :/

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    Do I want to join the team of work!

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    I need the link of the world to unload it
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    Quote Originally Posted by doverman930 View Post
    Do I want to join the team of work!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I need the link of the world to unload it
    This project died long time ago.

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    Dule to me I taste your work a lot himself that you were with the education but you should once in a while pass on a hand to the content the first repack that I taste in reality that I played here was yours after junky and now I stuck at the work of yours but do not leave it



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