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    connection patcher all the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadric View Post
    connection patcher all the same?
    why yes it is lol

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    can i have another link for Legion Launcher and client 7.0.3 22810
    please..this one doesnt work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadric View Post
    connection patcher all the same?

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    why yes it is lol
    yeah the connection patcher works for 7.0.3 doesn't matter what the build is

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    Pandaria / Draenor and Legion are spawn ?

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    can do on 3 continents but gradually and NPC are in Russian

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    Hi, first I have to say: Nice repack good work.

    I had some free time and did not know what to do. So I checked this repack a bit.

    General checklist:

    Transmog - works mostly(sometimes little bit buggy, just try few times)
    Void storage - working
    Guild - working (exept for mobile banking)
    Guild bank - working
    Bank - working
    Mail - working
    Portals - not working
    Inn - not working
    Teleport items - not working
    Mounts - working
    Pets - working
    Achievements - working
    Auction house - working
    Brawlpub - not working (actually not sure if they removed that in legion)
    Deeprun tramp - not working
    City guards - mostly working
    Flight paths - not working
    Flying trainer - working
    Toys - working
    Heirlooms - buggy
    Guild achievements - working
    Stats - working
    Chat - working (party, say, instance, raid, guild, officer, yell, /me, emotes, bg)
    Chat - not working (whisper, trade, global, local)
    Friendsystem - working
    Who - working
    Calendar - working
    Events - buggy
    Garision - not working
    Custom guild banner - not working
    Questsystem - working (the system works --> that means not all quests are there but the quests who are there can be done, exept for missing npcs/objects)
    Spells - mostly working (didnt checked all)
    Talents - working (exepct demon hunter)
    Spec - working (exepct demon hunter)
    Battle pet - working
    Ship routes - working
    Pvp / Bg - working
    Duell - working
    Trade - working
    Enchants / gems /runes - working
    Vendors - mostly working
    Proffession trainers - mostly not working
    Class trainer - not working
    PvP Zones (Open world pvp) - buggy
    Instance servers - working (didnt tested all innis, so no list)
    Races - working
    Classes - mostly working
    DK Startzone - buggy
    Panda Startzone - mostly working
    Demon Hunter Startzone - bit working
    Summon stones - not working
    Auto save - working
    Look at other players - working
    Titles - working
    Clean up bags - not working
    Buffs / Debuffs - mostly working
    GM Commands - mostly working
    GM Island - working
    Phases - buggy
    Flying NPCs - buggy

    Playing via Ethernet (with other players) - possible --> Open Ports: 1119, 8085, 8086 ALL ON TCP! and Config.wtf SET portal "your ip / dyndns / domain"


    Nordend: spawned
    Kalimdor: spawned
    Eastern Kingdom: spawned
    Pandaria: mostly spawned
    Draenor: few spawned
    Legion: not spawned
    Outland: spawned

    Some noticed things:

    -much mounts are treated as debuffs -> cant dismount without gm command (.dimount)
    -much npcs dont react (no menu open eg. proffesion trainer)
    -teleport doesnot work --> no inn, portals, port items, stones
    -.tele command not all locations
    -dark portal - porting to outland
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    so when launcher/client to download

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    if you download the original wow launcher from battle net and patch it with the connection patcher then it will work, have it done 3 days ago. but you have to hurry cuz they will release in 1 day a new patch.

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    well to late now 7.1.0 just came

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    So if I try and run this for people using Hamachi, what would I need to edit in the Bnetaccount.conf? Just the bindIP or..

    It's been awhile since I meddled with this. What do I need to change in bnetaccount.conf to allow connection to a Hamachi Server? Everything I tried led to the person trying to connect to my server getting the error of "You have been disconnected. (BLZ51900002)" when trying to log in
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    Im working on an update for this weekend or week to get the new build out there for you guys. Please be patient.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the feedback ill be sure to look into the things that are not working currently

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    Darking! Братан! Когда скинешь обновление? Wodcore похоже в ауте, не слышно и не видно. В принципе ты так и хотел. Правда скучновато без них куями некого обкладывать. Darking! Bro! When skineš′ update? Wodcore seems to be out, not heard and not seen. In principle you wanted. The truth is boring without them kuāmi some kerosene.

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    Ottconnect is there any chance to make table at db for items or are there already table for items? Im just wonder is there chance add some missing items or own items since there was no item_template anymore?

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    account creation is not working properly as i can only log in with the accounts provided. please tell me what the password for the included accounts are.
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    andreasaspenberg. раком или боком смотря куда даёшь? andreasaspenberg. cancer or sideways looking where to give?



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