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    Very Nice server.
    Come on everybody if you want fun !
    It's really good server with a good competent staff.
    I recommend you!

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    I play here for over a month and I am very happy Server is constantly developing and there is always something new. Good raids, cool BG, friendly server service I recommend this server to every friend.

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    ASTAROTH is the best fun server ever ! I play here from much time
    I like the fact that there are many people online .. Have much pve raids .. like quite common battlegrounds and arenas !The server is constantly evolving . I like too all cps'quests , garrizone zone , all world bosses,transmog malls .. the vote system , and all <3 by : Sb .. <3

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    Hello everyone ! Ive been playing on astaroth for about 1year on and off and i really like it.PvE system is among the greatest ones with alot of custom content wich provide hours of fun daily and event are awesome with some BiS equipment as rewards.Now the PvP system is clearly not balanced very well,and im sure alot of people playing on this server would agree but im hoping that they can balance the things.
    Now lets talk about donors.ofc donors will exist and be overpowered but on this server u can actually come close to a donor(not beat him) if u farm instances and progress.Overall the server is not bad as ive played on many others id say that this one is in the top.


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    This server is amazing. I've never stuck this long with any WoW, due to my quick lost of interest in things. This server on the other hand has exceeded my expectations, and continuously holds my interest. It has everything someone of my taste is drawn too, which are the options to change faction, name, race, and the appearance of your gear-- transmogrification, without cost, might I add. As well have having a unique feature that allows you to have a certain skill of a different class, which has been proven very useful on my end, and generally pleasing, PvE wise, since I'm a PvE fellow. Astaroth has become my go-to gaming entertainment. I've no complaints. I'm satisfied, especially with the thought I finally found a server I want to remain in. - Roto

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    Astaroth is a fine server with Lots og things to do. Lots of ppl online all the time and tid easy to find groups for raid or anything Else. Pvp systems are excellent Gm’s are easy to get a hold on and very helpfull. And the amount gear you Can get in the transmog mall is really good. Plus they Are working on new content all the time

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    The best experiance on this private server
    PvP/PvE balanced
    More then 20 WB
    CPS system
    Much fun
    Join us and have fun with others

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    Great server with nice players and awesome staff! could need a little more activity on the reviews!

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    we are playing daily and 2-3 hours. we cant finish cps 60 lvl yet. and some peeps dominate new players on arena. And DRUID BALANCE dead. i collect all slpells and gears but paladins kill me quickly and easy. NERF PALADINS please!!!

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    Hello fellow private server players, i have been playing private server for over 6 years now. And quite recently i stumbeled upon astaroth´s private server. And i have to say im very happy i did so, it is by far the best private server ive played in the years i have been playing private server. The pve content is fantastic, the pvp is getting better and better. And the voting on this server feels very nice as you get rewarded with donor gear. (The best gear ingame) So if you ask me you should look no further then astraroth if you want an extensive pvp and pve experience! Kind regards: Wingsx

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    everything is good at server but i think some classes need nerf/buff.like druid heals are too low and paladins dmg too much with avenging wrath.thanks

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    it is far the best rpovate server i have seen,classes are balanced and fun and custom content is very high quality,ithink there should be more quests for spellstones because its dificult to get all the spellstones we want,besides that everithing works perfect and playing here is very funny.Respectfully yoursMoloch

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    Hello i really like play on astaroth-server its so cool. I play on it more than 3 months and i very happy. i recommend to play on it

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    i really enjoy the server! i mostly spend all day to play on it! keep it up

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening. Here again with the server all normal, all good to see that again surprised us with new things but at the moment everything is going very well, for the new welcome that is a good server and for the old ones they already know haha, well it only remains to say that follow everything forward that everything goes very well greetings! = D



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