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    in The NAme of God / This SErver is Good . Do not be tired of greetings and greetings to serve you honorable masters. Thank you very much for making my own server . my name is Tow

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    hellow dear player, today in my review my congratz for your work Gms, you guys are awesome. you fix all the thinks that i said before making this server the best custom server online. today ill gonna talk about the mean ppl that dont wanna help low geared ppl. there should be a way to reward those that help ppl to gear themselves. coz ib saw a lot of lazy high geared that prefer to be in town all the day instead of help the server to grow up, (ingame name Dyzper)

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    Time for the weekly review.

    What I've liked so far about this server is the community that has been formed on Astaroth-WoW.

    Dragonstones are a huge hit. atleast for me. They get me grinding raids with the guild for hours. I like them!

    I like the VP system a lot. It's unique and out of this world.

    The downside is the Bronze/Silver gap. I've had some troubles understanding it but after a while it gets interesting.
    The gear cap for silver is big though but it is stated @ the NPC.

    Thanks for reading my review, Have a good one!


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    Christmas is getting closer!

    The Sanctuary is decorated for this special occasion and Mr. Snowman is there with his advent calendar to give you great gifts every day until Christmas!

    Christmas Events will be held almost every evening (realm time) from December 9.

    The events will be announced beforehand to all online players. Be there to have fun and more chances to get the new collector item!

    The Christmas Transmog Contest also started on the forums.

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    Awesome video! Best content! Proof of value, love a configuration on this server: D
    It's the best server! I'm a Druid, Ingame's name is Brdruid. By far the best server I've played until today ... I recommend everyone who likes to play a server with the administrators present always helping the players, server with stable ping and no lag, I recommend everyone to come to check and have fun with us.

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    Hi i been playing on this server for like 3 weeks and best balanced funn server i played . alot active people nonstop pve / pvp .... quest sistem world boss and alot more.

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    I have been on this server for a while now and i really like it. Its for sure one of the best fun-servers ive ever played on with decent balance and a really cool concept.
    I would like the staff to Active arena and implement some reward that Draws players to the Arena. Make it so that the weekly flush is Worth doing for every player win or lose that way alot of new people could find out about arena and got in to it. I also Think it would bring alot of new people to the server. Otherwise a gr8 server that i would recommend to anyone looking for a new fun-server!

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    The best server in 2017 for the moment xD nice pve and pvp systems great job staff

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    Hello I highly recommend astaroth-server. If u are looking for a good pvp and pve serv. Try astaroth serv , the battlegrounds are balanced, the server has a very nice raids to have fun for a long time. The server has world bosses too, the server is simply nice. My ingame name is Beastkiller.

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    Greetings everyone.

    The server is so much fun. I really recommend everyone to give it a try and atleast get to x6. If you wanna do PvP silver bgs has become a lot more active too and we sometimes have 10vs10 battles. Bronze is also decent, so theres something for everyone. The christmas gifts are out which will help any new player a ton. Just make sure to be on every day to get your gift, and eventually you will be very good geared at the end of christmas. Also new content comming soon, according to Jin. This will probably bring a lot more content for old players to do too. So if you are an old player that got bored and quit. Come back and check out all the new stuff.

    Sincerly Corbett.

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    Hello friends, here we come with the weekly comment.
    We are in Christmas time and you can see that typical snow and those adornments in Astaroth server, with its new customization of the common areas.
    Also during this month you have a different safe gift every day and special Christmas event.
    He is a great servant, who in these days earns even more a special touch fits.
    Join the Astaroth community
    Happy Holidays !!

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    Hello everyone ! Ive been playing on astaroth for about 1year on and off and i really like it.PvE system is among the greatest ones with alot of custom content wich provide hours of fun daily and event are awesome with some BiS equipment as rewards.Now the PvP system is clearly not balanced very well,and im sure alot of people playing on this server would agree but im hoping that they can balance the things.
    Now lets talk about donors.ofc donors will exist and be overpowered but on this server u can actually come close to a donor(not beat him) if u farm instances and progress.Overall the server is not bad as ive played on many others id say that this one is in the top.


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    this event for millhouse should be acorded by times, and there is on server lot of people with have racism problems that make some people get tired and go out from server that is not the point, if u wanna u should see this about the racis people the flamer people on public channels or on bg even with all clan XD spartangel

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    Hello, Dusk here,

    I just want to say that this server is unique in every way. There's plenty of content, lots of custom quests, and a friendly community. They've added their own twist to the server and allow you purchase select spells from other classes, which adds a ton of diversity. I wish the staff hosted more events, but oh well! Definitely a recommended server.

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    Great server, fantastic pvp and pve. And since the server host is located in EU all we non US people will get great ping. There´s plenty of content for both pve and pvp. Best private server i have played in a long time. And ive been playing private servers for over 5 years now. So if you´re in the mood for a great pvp and pve experience look no further!



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