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    Very nice server! Nice players and GM's. (friendly gm's) a lot of instance (15), 2pvp stuffs, 2 pvp leagues..a lot of players connected! the best fun server of the moment! Lootbox all hours, a lot of events, i really love this server and i hope you will come play with me !

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    Hey guys! if u're tired of Pay to win games and wanna have fun in a 3.3.5 fun server, just join in! We don't talk about billion damages, billion stats, too much spells.. It's equilibrated like a real pvp server. I mean every class worth to be played ! I've 3 characters in and I really enjoy the game. So much updates are coming and i can't wait to farm pvp3 gear Have a good day! ( A french guy )

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    My review

    So, I've noticed a lot of changes while I've been gone and not playing but from what I've seen since I have been back is that the server is progressing very amazingly. I like the new content such as the new raids and transmogs that were added to the game. Personally I would like to see more custom items in the transmog mall, keep up the great work on the server. Hoboboxes out.

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    Been here for two weeks now and I'm still enjoying the server..to a certain extend. Current GM's on the server are not professional nor reasonable about few things. Tickets being ignored and staff doesnt really speak english that well. PvP is quite active and very balanced. Shaman healing is way too low compared to other classes. PvE is fun but quite hard to get groups for it. Minor issues that can get fixed without any problems.

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    Hello guys! I play on Astaroth for about 5 months because my friends reccomended me this ultrafun. I really like the PvE content, but i'm don't really aggree the differences between some class in BG. Then i'll appreciate a new League like Gold for the player with the best gear. You're very impressive with your transmogrification area with the different equipment discover in Draenor Mop and Cata.
    Boys, if u want a good ultrafun come here ! A lot of fun wait you

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    Hello everyone ! Ive been playing on astaroth for about 1year on and off and i really like it.PvE system is among the greatest ones with alot of custom content wich provide hours of fun daily and event are awesome with some BiS equipment as rewards.Now the PvP system is clearly not balanced very well,and im sure alot of people playing on this server would agree but im hoping that they can balance the things.
    Now lets talk about donors.ofc donors will exist and be overpowered but on this server u can actually come close to a donor(not beat him) if u farm instances and progress.Overall the server is not bad as ive played on many others id say that this one is in the top.


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    Play this server with a couple friends and it is a lot of fun! the pve is paced well starting with solo and getting to group. The pvp does need some work but couples with a custom realm. The voting for donate stuff is amazing! I wish they would make other tanks viable the only tank is druids. Awesome server come take a look!


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    Hey everyone, this is the best server by far, Pvp, and pvp system is getting better and better every day!!! I just love it! if you need any help on the server there are many good people to help you with including me! My name on server is Bullzeye and i'd be happy to help

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    omg guys this gms are doing an amazing job fixing every bug, and taking every advise seriusly, they fix x2 to make it more doable, they make a system of reward for every run u make in every instance, the balance classes at bg. ppl if u dont join this server you will lose a lot of fun time. a little detail for gms. in the fishing zone, its too hard to get 450 fishing skills. and it would be nice to have some fishing event or something (kind i like fish) ingame name dyzper

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    Great server.
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    This server is the best private server i've ever played.Pve is so fun especially with the new quest secrets.What is that?Join our server to find out!   the community is so nice and many good people will help you out and so am I, if you join us and you'd like a guidance you can /w me on Vpn.

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    Hi i been playing on this server for like 3 weeks and best balanced funn server i played . alot active people nonstop pve / pvp .... quest sistem world boss and alot more.

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    Best fun server i ever played on...there is alot of frendly players and funny things in the mall, like slot machine(which i realy like), and the wish fountain... alot of funny concept to do when you are bored , when you dont want to pvp or pvp there is football or other events Great events,Great staff members, and first of all... every time when i log in there is some raids so im never bored here (Name of my character is goofy )

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    This server is amazing. I've never stuck this long with any WoW, due to my quick lost of interest in things. This server on the other hand has exceeded my expectations, and continuously holds my interest. It has everything someone of my taste is drawn too, which are the options to change faction, name, race, and the appearance of your gear-- transmogrification, without cost, might I add. As well have having a unique feature that allows you to have a certain skill of a different class, which has been proven very useful on my end, and generally pleasing, PvE wise, since I'm a PvE fellow. Astaroth has become my go-to gaming entertainment. I've no complaints. I'm satisfied, especially with the thought I finally found a server I want to remain in. - Dewy

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    Been playing for a lot of time now and I have got a good understanding of everything on the server.
    I still believe that this server is one of the best funservers yet and has potential to be much more.
    What i love most about this server is that they actually managed to balance the classes pretty well both pve and pvp



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