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    and also gain access to other great features.
    The new Transmog Mall with every items from Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and Artifact Weapons from Legion has been released.
    All items can drop in instances as well, excluding artifacts.

    Repeatable quests of Secrets are now available for instances X1 to X8 to reward you for every run from now. Drop rates are still the same as before.

    ➔ Facebook, Youtube and AC Web Weekly Reviews quests have been implanted in the Sanctuary. A review consists of giving your opinion about the server and anything within you would like to talk about. You must complete all objectives and follow correctly the rules to be rewarded.

    ➔ You can now check out the upcoming content on the forums.

    ➔ We made quite a lot of updates regarding the class balance lately. Remember that if you want to help us to improve the class balance by sharing your thoughts, you must do it on the forums so we can talk about it together. Doing it anywhere else is pointless.


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    Astaroth Server, arguably the best ultra-fun private server. With a transmigration zone Legion / WOD / MOP / Cata and else! Many instances and raids with a community of around 150 players a day, what are you doing! Daily quests, WorldBoss, sick pvp, spells, and other areas to discover in game! Come join us, you will not be disappointed!

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    Hi guys welcome to my weakly review about this amazing server of wow that i like and recomend so much, well this time i will talk about the instance x6 that its taken to the ppl to get bored, i think that its necesary to make it doable as 10 ppl and coz its too hard to get 25 just to wipe in the 1srt mob :S. in other stuff ty to the admin for taking my recomendation about quest for full raid my name ingame is Dyzper.

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    New transmog Armors and weapons from Cataclysm, MoP and WoD and artifact weapon of legion .All items can drop in instances as well . another class's spell-buying system . lots of quests and bonuses. many WorldBoss . garrison ... come join us

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    A very good server Ultra Fun, except the x7 with shield 99% xD
    A good community and humor, good players and good staff.
    Good game to everyone, IG: Daenara.

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    Good evening, nice international Ultra Fun server 3.3.5, present good staff, listening and available. few amount of mad people in the community but that it is everywhere. Classes rather balanced well, very complete server, a lot of quest allowing us to obtain from the currency etc. .. many of pve well script and diversified. Small criticism: many of spell unusable in bg/raid. Some spell requires of the mana being unusable for certain class (rogue block of ice). Very advised

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    Hello, very good server, beginners don't have any problem for gear up/spell up. Dungeons are well script and the /played system is very usefull, we can all get lots of nice item with only timeplay. There's a good overall community, nice and present gm with diversified events.

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    hey, lookbehind again. What shall i say? i still think the server is nice, i still think it's fair since you can get the donor items throughout voting (i'm not quite sure if you can get every item since i haven't looked through all of them  ). i still like the fact that you can choose from so much spells, so that you can customize your class as you wish. the server is worth a visit. greetings.

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    Hey it is Reniia from Astaroth. It is a great fun server the starter gear from W1-w10 is solo with most classes. After that you can get a group of few people and easily get through till x5. After that you will need a raid. But i love the pve on this realm and the donor gear you can get from just voting and playing. The custom spells are my favourite part. There is couple little bugs that are annoying but sure it will be fixed soon. awesome server

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    One of the best Private Fun Server's i've ever played on my whole life! I literally fell in love from the latest Patch update...Very beautiful custom made content,Great community,Great explanation of everything.This is what i wanna see from a fun server,to have fun .Good job guys,Well done on ur server!!

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    I was really surprised to see that you added credits for the patch good job =) hope players are enjoying the content and PM me if there's unreported bugs on items !

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    Quote Originally Posted by philippovitch View Post
    I was really surprised to see that you added credits for the patch good job =) hope players are enjoying the content and PM me if there's unreported bugs on items !
    Of course! Players have been really amazed by your work!

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    Weekly Review

    Hy there, a week has passed again and so its time for my review.
    Topic of this week: Donation-Equipment, Donating, Voting
    This topic is something i am always interested when i start playing on a new server, and i can say that Astaroth WoW found a pretty good and fair way to handle it.

    So lets start with the „Donation-Equipment“, all the wearables except weapons belong to this section. These Donation-Equipment wearables are only available by Voting / Donating and are except for two Items (Tabart, Trinket) the best available equipment on the server. You can get a Tabart better than Donation-Tabart by receiving your Played-Time-Gift for 40 / 25 Days played Time. There is also a Trinket which is better than the Donation-Trinket, you can get this trinket by doing a Quest-Row (5 Quests) wich can be done within a few days.
    About the weapons i can say the following, you can buy Weapons with Voting-Points these are so called PVP2 weapons, but as the name already suggests, you can also get your hands on them by doing pvp. The most powerful weapon on the whole server is only available by doing a lately invented Worldboss which drops an Item that starts a quest-row at which end you will get the weapon.
    Costs of these Items: All wearables except weapons and necklace cost 400 Voting-Points each.
    Weapons (mainhand/offhand/idol/wand etc.) and Necklace (the necklace you can Customize yourself ingame with text / description but not stats) cost 800 Voting-Points each.

    About donating there is not much to tell you. You get 100 Voting-Points for a donation of 3€. So the Biggest advantage of donating is time savings.

    Voting is a pretty interesting part of this review, because as i already mentioned, Astaroth WoW found a pretty good way to handle the balance of Donating/Voting. So as you already know about the costs of the „Donation-Equipment“ i can tell that it is not too dificult to get your hands on them by voting. You can get more than 70 Voting-Points each day if you have an eye on the clock and don’t miss Voting-Reset, which is pretty good i think, i personally get up to 50-65 points a day. So that means it takes me 6-8 days to get enough voting points for a normal Donation Wearable.
    Another thing to mention is, that each month there are two quests available (Voting-Challenge), you need to reach 350 Voting points within either the first half, or the second half of a month, therefore you are rewarded with another 100 Voting points and a few other things.

    All in all, the best part is that there is no huge gap between Voting and Donating, and Donating doesnt give you ingame advantages which would make pvp uninteresting for non-donators. The best gear is available for all players.

    Looking forward to seeing you ingame and thanks for reading my review.
    Yours sincerely,

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Still having a great time. Not so many events after the halloween ended sadly. But overall it's still a great time. They recently changed some stuff like dungeons quests to gear up faster. This is pretty sweet as people can progress to end content way faster. I have made a few suggestions on the forum too, and so far they have been listened too which is very nice. I look forward to keep playing on the server in the future, and get even more great memories.




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