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    It is difficult to say what old game I really miss as each of them brings me back to those wonderful hours of playing Actually, the fisrt game that appears in mind is Fortnite. Also I remember how fun were the fisrt smartphone games like Talking Tom. By the way, I've recently surfed one of the gaming sites and found a collection of Talking Tom games. Frankly speaking, I was really surprised In case you are interested, you can check here.
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    I used to spend hours playing super mario although I loved the arcade type games: brickout, pacman. On the PC Tetris was awesome and kept one busy for hours and hours. Later came police quest, wolfenstien 3d, talk golf and formula 1.

    Now I play only logic puzzles like 94% ( https://clubd.net/479-cat-94.html ) , mathisfun.com/puzzles has a bunch of logic and math puzzles.
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    Sometimes Im playing Crash, Final Fantsy all series, Diablo 1-2)

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    I started playing World Warcraft again and I already started having problems logging in to Molten Core

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    All my childhood I was playing Runescape (oldschool), I really miss it. I know that in these days it has reborn, but now in my eyes its not the same..

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    Yes, there was a great game. I missed a lot of classes at the university because of her Now my preferences in games have changed dramatically. Recently, I have been attracted to the games that are described here https://britishcasinoreview.com/online-slots-uk/. When playing in a casino, I manage to make good money and also relax after a hard week
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