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    [Recoded] C++ TrinityCore PhasingSystem

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    Owner : QQRofl -> http://www.ac-web.org/forums/member.php?60494-QQrofl
    Contributor : Lionzero -> I have the idea to recode it because it is a powerful tool for any core!
    Helper and Credits -> QQRofl for Creating (Thanks for the BaseScript man!) -> Rochet2 for Fixxing Hardcore Issues (Without your Help it is not able to make it public, thanks for your time that you have spend to me )

    A new command 'phase' and 13 sub commands.
    Friend to friend building, anywhere in their phase(s).
    2 Tables that will keep the player's phase data and member data.
    Endless fun for your server!
    Commands :

    .phase create # - Creates your phase
    .phase join # - Joins a phase
    .phase go # - Spawns a gameobject
    .phase gotarget guid or id - Targets a gameobject
    .phase godelete guid or id - Deletes a gameobject
    .phase help Shows you all the commands and what they do.
    .phase delete # #(Confirm) - Deletes a phase
    .phase kick playername - Kicks a player from your phase.
    .phase get - Returns your current phase
    .phase complete 0 = No, 1 = yes - Completes your phase
    .phase addmember target phaseid - Adds the player to your phase so he or she can spawn objects/npcs.
    .phase npcadd # - Adds a npc to your phase.
    .phase npcdelete (target) - Deletes a npc

    Status : Up2Date with latest TrinityCore Revision

    Changelog :

    Fixxed : Issue with Create Creature in Phase
    Fixxed : Issue with CodeStyle
    Fixxed : Rename old values to new values ( The Core was more as one time up2date ) Many renames
    Fixxed : Issue with ObjectCreate in a phase
    Fixxed : Sql Query ! Was a bit confused and wrong o0

    More Changes avaible but later, the code has complete to recheck and bring more performance in it ...

    Sry for my bad english, i am only a simple german guy

    Download : PhasingSystem.cpp
    Download : RBAC.h Patch
    Download : PhasingSystem.sql
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    Links Updated !

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    /*Orginal Code By Nomsoftware
    Updated By Amir_Cinderella <Amir.Cinderella@Gmail.com>
    BIGGEST LIE ... Lionzero, Rochet2 and QQRofl works ONLY on this work... FUCKING LIER !

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    In case someone is looking for an update.

    For the latest TrinityCore 3.3.5 revision (April 16th, 2016)

    C++: http://pastebin.com/0wN8Ct4z
    SQL: http://pastebin.com/EEbBmcuu

    Open up your RBAC.h and add the red text
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_INSTANCE_SET_BOSS_STATE                = 795,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_INSTANCE_GET_BOSS_STATE                = 796,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PVPSTATS                               = 797,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_MODIFY_XP                              = 798,
        // 799 - 834 6.x only
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_DEBUG_LOADCELLS                        = 835,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_DEBUG_BOUNDARY                         = 836,
        // phasing System
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE				     = 1000,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_JOIN			     = 1001,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_GO			             = 1002,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_GOTARGET		             = 1003,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_GODELETE		             = 1004,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_HELP			     = 1005,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_DELETE		             = 1006,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_KICK			     = 1007,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_GET			             = 1008,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_COMPELETE	                     = 1009,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_ADDMEMBER	                     = 1010,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_ADDNPC		             = 1011,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_DELETENPC	                     = 1012,
        RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_PHASE_CREATE		             = 1013,
        // custom permissions 1000+
    Don't forget to add the custom script to custom_script_loader.cpp
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    I'm currently getting the error when trying to compile:
    Error 84 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl AddSC_phasing_system(void)" (?AddSC_phasing_system@@YAXXZ) referenced in function "void __cdecl AddCustomScripts(void)" (?AddCustomScripts@@YAXXZ) D:\CMake\compiledcore\SingleCore_TC\Compiled Core\src\server\worldserver\scripts.lib(custom_scr ipt_loader.obj) worldserver
    and I can't seem to figure out how to make it work.
    If there's anyone that knows anything still about this script can you please help me out?
    Thanks tons.

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    Scriptloader is trying to load something that does not exist.

    Make sure that "void AddSC_system_phase()" is spelt correctly in scriptloader and the actual script.

    In scriptloader it should be "void AddSC_system_phase();" near the top part and "AddSC_system_phase();" near the bottom part.

    in the new script it should be "void AddSC_system_phase()"

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    and also gain access to other great features.
    Sorry I didn't update but someone on emu-dev helped me, but either way the script is broken, it spams me with incorrect syntax and phase transitioning is horrible and completely bugged. I dont think QQ or Lion is going to update this, either.



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