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    Thumbs up World Of Draenor 6.2.2a 20490 Server

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.

    Warlords of Draenor Private Server x10 XP boost, level 70 character and also 200 gold to start off, cross faction for guild and server play, most dungeons and raids operational with daily updates. Most spells and talents working with daily updates. Stable server operating on the latest Warlords of Draenor update. Live chat and support available, server up 24/7 with minimal downtime for updating. Register at http://wodserver.strangled.net

    More details coming soon.( Also please note that this project is still in alpha mode and needs work. So don't get high exceptation and please understand that things might now work as 100%

    Credit for the server: World Of Draenor
    Credit for Website design: Anteia
    Core: TrinityCore & Dev Apex Team
    Database: Dev Apex Team
    Credit for the registration Page: Jeuties

    And a huge thanks to the World Of Draenor Team.

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    nice work ,looks very good, cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshitwowsucks View Post
    nice work ,looks very good, cool
    Thanks for the kind words

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    can u make a review saying what draenor and pandaria instances work and how many bosses scripted
    and, how long have you been working on your server?
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolfishsq View Post
    can u make a review saying what draenor and pandaria instances work and how many bosses scripted
    and, how long have you been working on your server?
    More details coming soon.
    This was posted on the first post advising that we will be updating the thread with details regarding this server, and details on how long we have been working on it for a few months now.

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    are there any starter mounts and heirlooms? considering flightpaths at starting locations dont work and u have to walk
    also cant complete quests cus none of questmobs drop any quest items, so x5 imob grinding is a bit slow, x20 will be more comfortable
    and u should have unstuck feature, cus just fell under textures charging some random mob that came to me under textures, and he cant unstuck cus moving, and u dont have any spirit healers ingame, so its dead end
    thats probably an early alpha 6.2.2 cus cant retalent at trainer now, have to make a new hero for that, amazing) and no achievements unlike ur screenshot claims, why would you post a screenshot of what doesnt exist? :O dont tell me its fake, havent got a single achievement
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    Go to this website http://wodserver.strangled.net/forum/

    Any issue your having report and we will address it as they comer in, server is restarted daily updates and as per the unstuck option it works in game, you go to help just like blizzard and then you click on unstuck and the character is unstuck to the start zone.

    Ive just tested it and it works, also we don't give out gears and items right away, the purpose for the server is for game play.

    And the achievements does work as per the pictures, we understand theirs issue with the trainer in-game if you have issues with resetting specs, post it in the forum area of the server website and we will unstuck or reset the character its that easy.

    And ive posted screenshot of things that do exist lol, you need to check again or let the client download 100% before you report bugs.
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    why would others keep it professional if even you dont do it lel, u dont even know how unstuck feature works

    and if u have to make a post at the forum just to reset specialization then u got no future m8

    so, if you get offended by your server bugs and even argue with obvious ones that were put to ur face, then ur server wont succeed in any way

    btw "also we don't give out gears and items right away, the purpose for the server is for game play" the announcement ingame just wrote that donors get top mythic gear, you are not even aware of whats happening on ur server

    so if the conclusion is: early alpha server without content/even any instances, and childish owner, then theres nothing to see here
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    As of today we have modify the world, when you create a character you will have a level 70 and 2000 gold to start off.

    Staff have been advised of the change and they will honor it.

    Server will be restarted tonight at 11:59pm eastern North American time and thats when the level 70 and 200 gold will take affect.

    If you would like that right away contact our live support team and they will provide you will the offer

    Please be patient when speaking to a live chat agent.
    - - - Updated - - -

    Restart at 11:59pm tonight to add updates, eastern North american time frame
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    Server was changed last night to xp boost x10, with level 70 characters and also 2000 gold start off, flight master enabled everywhere.
    Refer a friend and get enter for a chance to win gear.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please also note that we have added the command .quest complete shiftclickonquest to be able to complete the quest.

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    Last night server was changed back to level 1 instead of 70 because the achievement wasn't showing on players, so if players require to be level 70 you need to connect with the live support to get your level 70 if you require.

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    We are doing massive server maintaince right now and the server will be back up in about 2-3 hours.

    Sorry for the inconvience.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Server is back up, and we have talked among gm's on the server and we are going to be adding a test trial of this in two major city

    Stormwind main gates and Orgrimmar main gates will have custom vendors for gears and etc.....

    We have over 145 vendors to add so please be patient, right now i'm starting on alliance and ten moving to orgrimmar main gates

    So remember when you go into the server theirs going to be custom vendors malls at these two location and alsoyou can use .quest complete shiftonquest to complete broken quest during your journey.

    At World Of Draenor we want to make every experience one to remember

    So stay tune.

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    We have added more vendors to Alliance Stormwind Gates

    Gonna work toay on adding more mal vendors in Orgrimmar Gates

    If you need Pandaren Faction change contact us once your level 10 and we will switch it for you.

    Also if you have a warlock and need the pet activated contact us and we will do us.

    This is what our staff is here for to help you along your journey.

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    Looking good Ottconnect! Good luck with your precious server.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Here's a bit of criticism:

    - Registration pages aren't behind HTTPS (big no-no in 2015)
    - The Live Help popups at the main page aren't visually appealing at all (makes the site look super cheesy)
    - "WOD" at the top of the main page totally clashes with the rest of the site's color scheme
    - Most of the "Contact Me" links at the bottom are placeholders...
    - The ChangeLog page is horribly unreadable from a comfort-standpoint (blocks of black text on white with little line spacing are scary )

    And the one question I have is... does profession trainers work on your server (as in, you walk up to one, right-click them, and can learn skills)?



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