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    How To Make Unlisted/Secure MPQ for Cataclysm and MoP

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    Okay so it's not really a way to secure an MPQ file but it's what people seem to call it, another word people use is Encrypting an MPQ, which it isn't either. We're just making an MPQ File that has no listfile on it to show other humans what is inside of the MPQ File.

    This doesn't mean that it's not possible for people to still get the file/folder naming and structures of the contents inside, it just makes it a little more interesting for anyone who wants to try to "list" the MPQ file.

    Shout outs to Soldan and PhantomX for their assistance with teaching me this, a lot better than my method that works solely for 4.0.3 - 4.0.6a.

    ♦ Soldan's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Soldan2905
    ♣ PhantomX's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhantomXization

    --Download Links--
    ♠ MPQ Editor: http://www.zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html
    ♥ VX's Wow.exe Crackers: http://goo.gl/Oz9S92

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    I really like this method, however, on another side I don't.

    I like it because any custom content you put in, people can't just take it by putting in a listfile, unless if they know your custom content's directory within the patch.
    And when I say custom content, I mean a custom directory within the MPQ, not what blizzard made.

    I dislike this method because it's very easily reversible, and things like your Interface, DBC, etc... can be stolen.

    Of course, you can still protect them through the Wow.exe with Hex Editing.
    However, that's also reversible, but more time consuming if you do it in a complicated way.

    Anyhow, great guide!
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