This is for people who already know how to insert in custom wmos into Wow. for those that don't, look over at Met@'s tutorial:

Some people had asked for a guide on how I did the light thing on my previous WMO Video( ), So I figured I'd make it anyway, as hard to understand and badly explained as it may be. It only takes 1-2 minutes normally, but when starting out, it can take a little bit longer.

This is mainly for people who enjoy seeing and tinkering with the hex data of a file, otherwise move along!! XD

010 Editor Download for those that don't have it:

For anyone that wants to try to follow the idea at the end with the Pandaren house portal and don't have MoP Installed or have the 010 Templates, download the wmo used and templates here:
(if the link is down, let me know)

If anyone wants the textures I had used on the model I made, I got them from: