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    Lightbulb [Release] DarKcore Trinitycore CMS

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.

    DarKcorE CMS is an Open Source work in progress Content Management System for Trinitycore released for free for our lovely emulation community.

    Project Contributors List

    Features that are ment to be added in this content management system
    • -News Feed with user comment options
    • -Changelog module
    • -Improved register module
    • -Login/Logout module
    • -Advanced user panel with posibility to install modules
    • -Advanced vote panel with countdown and automatic weekend double VP
    • -Items, Characters, Guilds, Quests armory and a W.I.P Quests armory
    • -Realm statistics total account/characters/quests/items & Characters online
    • -Editable RULES & FAQ page
    • -Guides Page
    • -Item Store
    • -Builtin forum module

    Installation instructions
    • Move everything to to your HTDOCS now open up "For Install" folder
    • Run those 2 SQL files one is to update your account database and 1 is the base of the WEB DATABASE *Note the website is adapted for 12 Game Master ranks but will be later changed to a different system
    • Now move to core folder open "Config.php" and put there your database and RA informations


    • -Added Logging system for administration panel
    • -Added mailing system for website notifications
    • -Added Remote connection class for store and some character function that
      will be added later

    • -Rewrite every page
    • -Prepared the paging system and configured login, logout and registration modules
    • -Cleared a lot of useless files
    • -Removed most of the code and started working on the CSS also created a root for the css files for easier understanding

    • -The following changes were not synced to github yet until i finish the ACP
    • -Replaced most of the code
    • -Improved registration and login engine
    • -Improved news functions and cleared a bunch of useless code

    • -Updated Index page with the newest config
    • -Enabled Character listing in armory after the latest design change
    • -Updated Armory style and search bar

    • -Created Store Page *ProjectCoreDevs - not uploaded yet
    • -Created Login Page *ProjectCoreDevs
    • -Updated headers , cleared more useless code
    • -Fixed the style on the following pages Guides/Rules/Registration
    • -Cleared a bunch of useless code
    • -Fixed many functions mostly on registration and armory part

    GitHub Repository & Download: https://github.com/darksoke/DarkCore-CMS
    SEE ALSO: Trinitycore/Skifire registration page with easy setup

    Note To Developers - You can join this project and do some pull requests if you feel like helping the emulation community also as I said this website started as a PHP learning atempt so you might expect the following:

    • Most of the code was rewrite and fixed the sql injection flaws
    • The CMS is missing the administration panel
    • Style need to be updated and a styles module must be added
    • Most pages need to be redone due to switching to a paging system

    Note that development process restarted it's beta stage due to a lot of code being removed and redone. As for now the only function that works is Registration and Login. Since thi is an open source project if you feel like helping us with the development process and see more updates faster you can help us by donating , all money will be spent on development process (paying all contributors and acquiring resources) you will also be figured in our helpers page and have later access to new modules, also if you are HTML/CSS/JAVA/PHP/MySQL developer you can join us.

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    good job
    is the website for MoP suitable?
    Install a forum yet, and I would intresse ..

    there's a Download?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bully View Post
    good job
    is the website for PoM suitable?
    Install a forum yet, and I would intresse ..

    there's a Download?
    what is POM ? do you mean MOP ? if yes , no it's not suitable i don't think the auth and world sql structures are the same in MOP as in WOTLK .. And right now is just a personal project , early stages as you can see will see how it turns out in the future.

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    Looks good, as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natrist View Post
    Looks good, as usual.
    thank you bro

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    I think it looks pretty good for just starting out. Nice job.

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    Nice Job Bro

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    Cant wait to see it when its finished. Nice job.

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    thx guys almost finished with the armory

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    Nice Job

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    added 2 pictures with the updated armory

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    updated the thread and demolink too

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    WoW i realy like it. Do you plan to integrate a forum? like integrated phpbb or something? I like to see your progress. Progress is realy rare these days.

    Edit: I'd love to help btw, so if you want, I can do that integrated forum thing - if you want to, write me your skype via pm
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    not yet as I said it's a personal project for my server , so if i'm going to add a forum I'll create my own. It's really easy to create a forum bridge for invision or phpbb as soon as you can find their register query.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    sorry for the long time no update ) i was busy as hell but here comes few changes



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