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    Thumbs up Treason Repack 3.3.5 255 custom V2.0

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    and also gain access to other great features.

    UPDATED! V 2.1 now available
    Fixed Crash on points exchange. (you will need to add new accounts to the fusion database for)
    Worgen speech can be learned from the world trainer.
    All .dll files and such added to core so it should run for anybody now with no trouble.
    Admin account added with all GM commands set up and ready to go

    USER: admin
    PASS: admin
    (Download V2.1 here)


    First off i am going to give credits to some people for helping me to make this repack possible
    Jeutie ( Portable SQL / Apache / Repack control)
    Ziex ( Help with most of the core mods and helping to update the scripts and auth system).
    Google ( For supplying all the scripts and info needed)
    And anybody else who has written any of the scripts in this core thanks for the hard work you all put in.

    I wont go into what works and what does not as most of you know what is bugged on Trinity core.

    This repack includes a bunch of custom scripts including Worgen for both factions patch with MOP and Cata gear / mobs (encrypted).
    I will tell you that it is a 98% finished realm with tonnes of custom events and loads of custom zones and gear.
    You will not get bored inside this realm as it was developed over a very long period of time

    Its Trinity core and has a modded auth system to work with most database structures including MOP.
    as we run a WOTLK realm and a MOP realm on our server.
    Please make sure you have the following links installed or you will get errors trying to load the server


    SQL info is
    User: root
    Pass: 123456

    Anyway enough about that.
    This repack contains the following,
    Custom log in music
    Custom log in screen
    Cata levelup UI
    Halls Of Origination (custom) Cata instance
    Cata / MOP mobs and gear
    Most instances have been made to suit level 255
    Quest chains along with some cool random rewards
    Dress you NPC's core mod
    Multiple custom boss fights.
    Bad language filter,
    Blood money Duels,
    Advertising censorship,
    .buff command
    Custom chat channel with 9 ranks,
    Custom rates adjustment for V.I.P
    Duel reset script,
    Enchantment NPC,

    Guild housing , (98% working one or 2 objects wont place and you will need to adjust to suit the realm)
    Gurubashi Theme change master,
    Killstreak announcer,
    .mall command
    Morph NPC,
    Level selection NPC (token to change level)
    Packet flood protection,
    Top pvp NPC ( see who the best killers are)
    Race changer / customize NPC,

    Reforge (untested compiled no errors tho)
    Teleporter NPC, ( has a bunch of player tools on it too.)
    Vote points given for time spent online,
    Class trainer NPC,
    Transmog (working)
    V.I.P system working with in game activation and custom V.I.P commands
    Exchange Vote points to donor points NPC also.

    DBC / MAP / VMAPS included in the repack

    Happy playing and try .tele test1 also be sure to check out the many many events.. there is more to it than what the teleporter is showing you

    Dowload link to verion 2.1 is at the top!!
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    good buth is relesed on 2013 another dead server i have this in my pc x64 compiled

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    0xc000007b error please how do i can repair it T_T!?

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    if you have first version of this repack copy the core and paste in new repack because one is x86 another is x64

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    Apr 2010
    SQL/Web Developer
    Can't start the world server
    --------------------------- authserver.exe - Application Error --------------------------- The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

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    question how do you set it up there is no read me file trying to figure out how to setup the mysql

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    Quote Originally Posted by doomstars1 View Post
    That is an old out of date SRC and is nowhere near as customized and balanced as this version.. This was updated after Lore-wow was sold and fucked up by the new owner.. Was a re released as Treason-wow.

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    ok i test tommorow want see how work in old little disbalance

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordchief View Post
    question how do you set it up there is no read me file trying to figure out how to setup the mysql
    Use "Jeuties Repack Control"

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    database not update change world255 to world if you have densho repack just copy paste form one repack to another for me work



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