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Thread: SotW Help

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    Question SotW Help

    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.

    You're reading this because you don't know what SotW is
    or need us to tell you how to enter.
     Firstly, this is a signature.
    Here's one when the theme was black & white.
     And now here's the vertical layout.

     Dimensions can't exceed 600 x 300 or 300 x 600.
     Horizontal or vertical is your choice.
    The entry must be...
    By you, without help!
    Unreleased, and not made sooner than the SotW you are entering
    Sent only as a PM to Unlimited
    Not animated
    Not pornographic
    Not religious
    Not prejudice
    Not against other AC Web rules

    How should I send the PM?
    Click here for an example PM.
    Any title will do. Drop in your entry and any images you made it with.
    If you need to make corrections, send a new PM with just the update.
    Even during voting you can enter or make corrections.

    The following week all contestants are announced,
    except anybody who opted to remain anonymous,
    and all prizes are given. Easy.

    Who can enter?

    Who can vote?
    Anybody with at least 10 posts.
    No multiple votes, asking or voting for self, or matching voter IPs

    How do I become host for a week?
    Ask Unlimited or Allure.
    Tell us you're interested in PM, and if eligible you'll get it.
    Have at least 100 posts
    Have no recent bans
    The thread in your name will be made automatically on Monday,
    so you don't need to be active, and PMs still go to Unlimited.

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    Everybody wins in SotW.
    Here's what you'll take home...


    All else:
    40 rep + 1 week host & Rent-A-User
          + Hall of Fame + 10 pts.

    20 rep + chance to host + 5 pts.

     5 rep + a surprise
    What are points (pts.) for?
    The currency you exchange for rewards listed here.

    How do I use points?
    Ask here or PM Unlimited. Score is also kept here.

    What is Rent-A-User?
    A Super Power User account 1st Place gains for a week.
    2: Change thread title and/or icon 
    (specify thread + new title and/or icon)
    2: Upload avatar/profile pic over size limit
    (provide image; animated okay)
    3: Give self 10 rep
    (that means 1st Place up to 70 rep + bonuses!)
    3: Give user 10 rep with picture
    (provide image; animated okay)
    FREE: Give a user X points
    (state who, and quantity)
    Have a request? Let us know.

    Allure: 50
    ArdentFX: 10
    Ayiko: 15
    Baked: 13 (historically 20)
    Celebacy: 10
    DataBase379: 5
    Legit.Cow: 8 (historically 10)
    Mythilogic: 15
    Nuxxiz: 5
    Shamoon: 5
    TionHD: 10
    TheSkorpion: 15
    Xenium: 50
    Zafire: 10
    zemunac: 10

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    How do i sign up?

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    You PM unlimited with your entry



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