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    Thx, newbie here ..
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    Hi all, i've found this site like ten years ago, now i've decide to create an account and interact with each others because confinement made me back to basics.
    Stay at home but dev something !

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    Hey everyone, new here to the community. Looking forward to working together!

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    Hello, I am an administrator on Wake: The Red Chapter. I've played WoW on and off for the last 14 years, mostly on private servers.

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    Hello everyone,
    recently I decided to create my own private wow server(3.3.5a) and I started to make some research related to this topic. I have find a company who provides me the external server and I would like to run server at their database. Unfortunatelly This guidance is not working for me. Basically I can connect to running server from the external server but I cant connect from my computer. Is anybody willing to help or give me links how to run it at external server? I really appriecate that. Thanks a lot and have a nice day

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    Hey, been lurker for a while. Since running into new probs with new repacks, I thought i'd make an account for advice,help.

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    Hi everyone, whats poppin' you all, been a lurker here for the most part and decided to make an account!

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    hi guys

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    How are you??

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    Hello guys
    how are you doing?



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