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    Hi, tinfoil-hat here

    I am in the middle of creating a mangos-classic gameserver. first wow server tough

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    Hey All, I am in the search for a registration page with CMaNGOS's SRP (instead of SHA1) support. Only just noticed the change in the accounts table this evening.


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    Hi Everybody. I am Mister Moustache. Wow player since the beginning. I installed a WOTLK 3.5.5a server at home for me and my 11 son ( + schoolmate of him )

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    Hello im pennybox, been in the emulator world since 2007
    I run http://rg-wow.com/news
    i have a passion for the emulator world.
    Willing to take anybody under my wing so they can learn.

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    So I ended up doing 2 things to get my simple registration page working.
    1. I copy/pasted a lot from blizzlike-org/wowpasswd Go app to build https://github.com/skout23/srp6passwd
    2. I modified a very simple existing PHP registration page (porting to PHP7 and calling out to system(srp6passwd) to generate the SRP v & s

    I will be working on a unified Go based Webapp to marry both of these in the near future.

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    Hi everyone, I'm Kaina, nice to come and find so much information

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    hi guys !! new member here have a nice day ...or night !

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    Hi I'm Milana from Budapest and Im kind of person who loves ECO)

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    bonjour la communauté
    alors je suis un français de 38ans tres mauvais en anglais(i have a very bad english sorry)par contre le lit tres bien
    au besoin j'utiliserai google traduction et j'adore monté des serveurs sous debian et faire des serveurs wow ou autre

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    Hello, not new to the server but about to leave the lurking cave haha!

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    hello guys! I hope I'm welcome here



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