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    Hi there.

    Been a lurker on this forum for quite a while, now that I wanted to actually partake in a post i thought maybe a good idea to do the introduction thingy first

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    Jan 2020
    The Emerald Nightmare
    Greetings to all.
    I had another account but, do to other circumstances in my life that went from the emerald dream to the emerald nightmare.
    I no longer have access to my other email and had to create a new account.

    First time in a few years I have had the opportunity to return to the world of WoW emulation.
    I hope to relearn stuff and return as a contributing member of AC web.

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    Name is Ghostlyend. been playing WoW since Vanilla and been on private servers for about 4 years now, mostly just 3.3.5

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    Jan 2020
    Tennessee, USA
    New here and figured I would make this my first post before asking some stupid questions. in the process of setting up my first WoW server and learning a lot in the process.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Delete this post by all means but not sure how else to ask this. I just posted in here to introduce myself but can not create a new post in any section. I know some forums require a certain amount of interaction before opening up more features and I get that but not being able to post a new message at all even after creating an account makes it a little hard to interact on the forums lol. Not bitching just trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

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    Jan 2020
    Visual Studio C++

    I'm completely new here. I'm working in WoW emulation scene as C++, SQL developer since TBC.

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    Hey! Been a long time lerker. I play a lot of Single Player Project, and sometimes I want to comment, so here I am.


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    hello . my name is Timo . and i will try to learn everything i can in Script - C++ and CoreBuild . but i can use some help sometimes . can only find some videos on YT. but not a good for Script or Change in Core Database :/. so hope i can get a bit off help from others here ... Cheers

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    hey =) i hope everyone it's okay !!=)

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    New face here. Originally from a pretty bad forum called RZ where almost no one can speak English that could be understood by others and where the word "troubleshooting" only exists in forgotten legends.



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