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    Hey how's it going everyone, nice to meet you!

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    Hello boys and gals

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    Hola a todos soy Hebor Lan, buenisimo el sitio, me encanto! Gracias totales!

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    Smile Hello guys and gals!

    Great Forum!

    Happy to be here.

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    Hello everyone my name is Adam and I joined your website because I'm a fun of WoW Repacks that are released here :=)

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    Nov 2019
    Sorry thats classified
    Greetings!! Noob here Been wanting to make a private Vanilla Server for quite -some time. I have a host computer set up on my LAN and have Vanilla Installed. Everything works well so far. Just having trouble with the repack. I do understand the mechanics of the setup, but I must be doing something wrong or have downloaded the wrong pack.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Just an old Jarhead...looking to pass the time

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    Greetings to whole AC-Web Community!

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    hello there,im hosthor and i run a small web hosting company called hosthor.com

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    Hello, everyone. It's Recognize and I am administrator of the server Atonement (WoD 6.2.3).

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    Hi and thanks for having me here.
    I'm pretty sad about my cousin that he got banned but i hope the problem get resolved.
    Soon i'll be opening a new blizzlike server that hasn't been done before.
    Blizzlike server with a lot of new content yeah no custom gear no custom donor gear and normal levelup quests.
    More information will be available soon as also my cousin is helping me to learn more another note that the server is more close to retail.
    Been playing retail since 2004 (North America) than changed to (Europe) in 2005.
    Never played any private server before i only tested Ivalice-WoW than i left due to the server bugs that i didn't like much.
    I'm still playing retail until now and i would love to create a server from the ideas that i have from playing retail.
    I've asked my cousin if i could make a Battle of Azeroth server but sadly he told me that there isn't really any core that has things implement to so he also said that making a wrath of the lich king server would be a better idea so yeah sadly but we are doing this.
    So i wish best of luck for everyone, thank you for reading and sorry if i took lot of your time.

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    Currently hosting my own server in MS Azure. Playing alone for fun and currently playing around with Trinity worldserver.conf to find the best settings that accommodate my casual single player adventure.

    Using Naaru's repack at the moment.


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    Decided to pick up some new skills and learn how to make my own private server for wow through TrinityCore and customize it to my liking, as well as possibly one day make it an official private server for others to join. Got some experience in server management and owning but not for wow servers till now.

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    Ou hey guys. I'm newbie, and in near future i'll need some help from you. Thanks

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    Due to some bad things in my life and not having anyone, I wanted to play on my own WoW server. I have an issue with a file that I can't fix myself because I have no idea what I am doing. Questions led me here, but must wait 2 days before I can thread. I was going to spend thanksgiving playing on it as opposed to browsing youtube like last year. But I lucked out there as well. Anyways, hello.



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