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    Hey peeps, welcome aboard!

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    I just use a Vanilla server on a LAN for my family (Kids and grandkids.)
    Actually, I just got it working on my local machine.
    Next milestone is separate hardware, then letting my younguns on it.
    I'm 56, and I can work with configs and a little scripting.
    I don't dare dabble into the C, and I am VERY careful in the SQL.
    I'm looking for repacks with localized DB's that are as stable as possible.
    Particularly 3.3.5a and 4.x.x.
    Are SPP's configurable to use on a LAN for multiple players?
    A working AHBot would be cool too.
    Mostly though, I just like the company of fellow gamers, regardless of age.

    So hello!
    I am glad I stumbled across this forum!
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    Hi there. love wow special classic 60!!!

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    Welcome guys, glad to see oldschool peeps around, enjoy

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    hi all! Could you tell me how to connect? (I mean what need t owrite in realmlist.wft)

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    I just want to say... hi!

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    Completely new on all of this. Learning everything from scratch. This forum has been alot of help to me.

    Discord Ramkahen#6063

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    Good day everyone

    My name is Benjamin and I'm the proud owner of a freshly released World of Warcraft Vanilla Scaled Server.
    I have been in the emulation scene (mostly wow and warhammer online) as Valkirie for almost 10 years now.

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    Wanted to say hey and I love the website has been fun playing with repacks ect.

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    Discord: Nemifest™#4589
    Quote Originally Posted by HimikoEmu View Post
    wuz guud hu

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    Welcome everyone to AC-Web or Welcome Back if that's the case !

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    Evening all, Im Flannel

    Currently Head GM of Oblivion with some knowledge in SQL and C++

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Hey, new member here. lol and apparently a hello to Jargs too.

    Messed with other emus in the past but I really prefer this emu over the rest. Now to learn lua and more. Great forums!



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