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    Red face Happy 5th Birthday, AC Web

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    21st of May

    Today AC Web blows out its candles marking five years since its launch. What started as an ambitious little site held together by Jargs' once-amazing Ultimate Repack grew into one of the most recognised faces in WoW emulation communities, and most certainly the best. We've come a long way since then. Some of you are still true to the site since 2007, others who mull over the good ol' 2008 and '09 days, and plenty of those who just joined our ranks and soon becoming the site's new generation. As we steer into 2013 and beyond, in whichever direction we go, the core of AC Web's image won't change - to provide the most exceptional content and discussion platform out there, fuelled on free speech and human ingenuity, in whatever medium we trek - be it WoW or something altogether new.

    So to kick-start the 6th year, I encourage you to invite friends, strangers and just about anybody else who may have an ambition for emulation, graphics, or even random crap like me. From the 21st through to the 28th, just one week, let's push the population to its limits. And urge them to make some posts!

    21st - 28th
    Ac Web's Recruit A Friend
    Recruit the most and win the following:

    1st: 100 Rep + [Starstruck] (4 weeks) + 1/3 events for [Competitor]
    2nd and 3rd: 80 Rep

    Post everybody you referred, accounts starting on the 21st.
    [CLICK HERE] for referral links.
    Disqualifications if cheating.

    For those hoping for the scavenger hunt competition, I haven't forgotten, but not today. Good luck if you decide to do a little recruiting, otherwise keep your eyes peeled for some more competitive events in future.


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    Happy 5th! (tomorrow) :3

    My first, first!

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    Happy 5th :3 glad to be part of it in the years i have been here.

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    ArcEmu Master

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    Jan 2009
    Happy Birthday Ac-Web

    Best Wishes and many more

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    In unofficial news,
    [The Unfinity Store], today only, is almost entirely free.

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    Im Difer. 2006 - 2014.

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    Jan 2010
    | Denmark | Windows, Database, Programming, Server & Virtualization Technology.
    Happy Birthday Ac-web

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    Manipulate my World.

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    Mar 2011
    Happy b-day!

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    Sep 2009
    Happy birthday ac-web!

    Congratulations for 5 years !

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    Happy bday from an old vet who still hasn't managed to get any damn title or reward since 07!

    Long live ac-web which was online during the time burlex was wiping peoples ass.

    I miss that guy and i miss the old antrix.

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    Ghost of the Past

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    Jul 2010
    Belgium http://jordythery.be
    Happy birthday AC-Web

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    Back to WoW Emulation ✓

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    May 2011
    Happy birtday ac-web

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    Happy Birthday AC-WEB, seen a few people come and go since 2010 would be lovely to see some old faces return for this birthday event

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Happy 5th Ac-web



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