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    if i run this on a protable driver instdead of "4- Install the repack to C:/ and dont change the install path, You only need to do this Step (4) on the Host Computer " just do it to my portable drive instead?

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    it doesnt matter where the server i located but that the folder structure is correct. in order to access the database you need to use an sql program like for example sqlyog.

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    Sorry for not replying for so long, I used to deal with PS for WoW just for educational purposes as it was good for learning mySQL.

    Anyways, I will be modifying this soon to keep it up to date! Stay tuned!

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    I am now in the process of making an updated tutorial. Most of the stuff would work but no harm in updating. Coming in a week.

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    hey just seeing if this is still good links and all. Wanting to play lan with my wife and friends.No reliable internet living in the country lol if no reply I will still try it within the next few days and post if it all works still. thanks

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    this method is not working in legion so it needs to be updated for legion.

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    I already got my server figured out and setup my way still playing with world settings but I am good, and after 30 years of IT I better know how to run an app and find my ip's... But I was out looking for some best practices for local area network only (I want to be able to play from my laptop in my easy chair in the living room, not only from my office) and found what I needed here this is well done and I never register and post on any site but was compelled to give kudos.



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